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Vaults of Terra - (Imperial Guard) Armoury - Vehicles

The Vaults of Terra return to the Imperial Guard Armoury for a closer look at their land vehicles, including the reliable Chimera APC, the famous Leman Russ BT .

How To Play Warhammer 40K - Lesson 10a Vehicles (Tanks)

Lesson 10 goes into the details of.

Top 5 Tanks in Warhammer 40k.

In this first of a new type of video for me, I look at the Top 5 Tanks in warhammer 40000. I'm only counting tanks in codexs, not forgeworld and I left out things with.

40 Facts and Lore on the Tanks of the Space Marines Warhammer 40k

Today we go over the vehicles of the space marines, starting with the tanks of the 40th millennia.

Painting a Ultramarine Rhino / Warhammer 40K

I tried to paint the sci-fi tank like I think a tank must look like.

40k warhammer spartan gamesworkshop redscorpion spacemarine forgeworld redscorpions spartanassaulttank
Red Scorpions Spartan Assault Tank
My finished Spartan from Forgeworld, took a fair bit of work to build and paint but I'm pretty happy with the final result....
Photo by Relaxdesign Minis on Flickr
40k stalker warhammer hunter predator crusader redeemer spartan vindicator gamesworkshop whirlwind redscorpion spacemarine landraider forgeworld redscorpions landraidercrusader landraiderredeemer spartanassaulttank fellblade
Red Scorpions Heavy support tanks
One for the tread heads out there.... Includes: 3 Vindicators, 3 Predators, 1 Whirlwind, 1 Stalker, 1 Hunter, 1 Land raider Redeemer, 1 Land raider Crusader, 1 Spartan Assault tank and 1 ancient and rather large...
Photo by Relaxdesign Minis on Flickr
tank 40k warhammer gamesworkshop redscorpion spacemarine superheavy forgeworld redscorpions fellblade
Red Scorpions Fellblade super-heavy tank
My latest addition to the Red Scorpions, a Forge World Fellblade super-heavy tank, with a few little additions to the main model. As soon as FW gave it 40k Apocalypse rules in their recent book I knew I had to get...
Photo by Relaxdesign Minis on Flickr


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