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Aquarium Plants for Beginners

This Video shows you my most recommended plants for beginners.

5 Aquarium Plants for Beginners: Jungle Val, Dwarf Lily, Bacopa, Amazon Sword & Ludwigia Repens

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook for instant answers to all your aquarium needs at the links below. Here are my 5 favorite aquarium plants for beginners.

Step by step: how to set up an fish tank Aquarium, planted tanks

step by step: setting up an aquarium.

How to Use a Pothos Plant in your Aquarium.

The Pothos plant can be found in most garden centers and also stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Using a Pothos plant in your aquarium.

How to Grow Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Real plants do wonders for aquariums, providing fish with oxygen and even food.

usa fish aquarium hawaii sealife maui pacificocean johnmorgan lumixdmcg3
Fisheye (?) Lens
These fish were in a glass tank, which created an interesting fisheye sort of distortion when I shot them. Gear: Lumix G3 (micro 4/3), handheld, no flash Post-processing: Levels and sharpening.
Photo by John-Morgan on Flickr
fish happy tank goldfish
I'm not actually positive if this is a goldfish, or if it is, which variety it I have to find out. In any case, it seems like this fish is very happy. Also it seemed to be very interested in my camera. It...
Photo by You As A Machine on Flickr
pets fish animals aquarium tank
Photo by Genista on Flickr


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Top 5 Live Plants for a Betta Fish Tank - Betta Fish Care

There are many reasons why you should have live plants in your fish tank. They look great, your betta fish will love them and they help keep water conditions optimal.

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