Bud Light Tank Top

Can You Recognize Your Favorite College Beer?

Interesting. ly/1HUhWDp Check out more awesome. ” The BuzzFeed News App: Smart. Download on the App Store: http://bit.

Bud Light | "Clothing Drive" commercial

The Creds: Client: Bud Light Spots Title: Clothing Drive Launch Date: January 2010 Agency: DDB Art Director/Associate CD: Galen Graham Art Director: Jamie .

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

'x', available to buy via iTunes here: http://smarturl. The official video for 'Thinking Out Loud', Ed learnt to dance.

M60 E6 Machine Gun

A big thanks to Machine Gun Mike. Check out his videos on various cool machine guns:.

Vengaboys - We like to Party! (The Vengabus)

do/WeLikeToParty_iTunes. (The Vengabus) http://bit. do/WeLikeToParty_Spotify http://bit. do/WeLikeToParty_AppleMusic http://bit.


  • Sex and Sensibility

    Simon and Schuster. 2005. ISBN: 9781416506638,1416506632. 304 pages.

    It's all about you. Your apartment. Your job. Your dates. Your sex life. Your time off. Your exercise. Your food. Your music. Your future. What are you waiting for? Who will you love? What is it, really, that you want? The life of a single woman in the twenty-first century is full of new connections, new sex, new love, and new loss. It's about letting the laundry pile up, sipping strong drinks with near strangers, and dishing to girlfriends on those foggy-headed, flushed morning-afters. But...

  • The Great Mary Ann Doyle

    Publishamerica Incorporated. 2005. ISBN: 9781413772982,1413772986. 187 pages.

    Randy had always looked at the world differently than most, and was quietly disappointed in nearly everything he saw. Then, he met Mary Ann Doyle, a wild spitfire on the opposite end of his untroubled spectrum. Most had written her off, and few dared to look beyond her rugged past, but Randy was no ordinary fellow. From Johnny's Tavern through the quaint college town of Lawrence and a rare, blue-collar portrait of the Kentucky Derby, they catapulted a string of adventures that landed them...

  • March of the Cookie-Cutters

    Dog Ear Publishing. 2007. ISBN: 9781598582840,1598582844. 324 pages.

    My inspiration for the writing of this book was, basically, from watching the human race heading toward the drain; and the massive lack of individuality and identity in so many people. Most of us are simply taking on all of the phony cliche of what everybody expects us to be. The days of the true, real person are numbered. People are so influenced by TV, media, and peer pressure now that you wonder if there is any percent of themselves left in there; at all. Obviously not all of the cookie...

  • Stiff Arm Steal

    Jacaranda Drive. 2012. ISBN: 9780985945503,0985945508. 270 pages.

    Stiff Arm Steal - A Fun Florida Mystery Series The prize possession of former football hero, part-time media personality and full-time blowhard BJ Baker has been stolen from his palatial Palm Beach home. Baker has called in the Mayor, the police, the sheriff and everyone else he can co-opt into the search. But if he really wants the person who can find it, once name keeps coming up. Miami Jones. Problem is, he can't stand Jones. And the feeling is mutual. Miami takes on a jealous husband, a...

  • Preparation for the Next Life

    Oneworld Publications. 2015. ISBN: 9781780747781,1780747780. 432 pages.

    In post-9/11 New York, Zou Lei is an illegal immigrant from northwest China. A Muslim with a Uighur mother and a Han soldier for a father, she’s a pariah even within the Chinese community. Forced to work fourteen-hour days and live in squalor, she nevertheless embraces the many freedoms her adopted homeland has to offer. Damaged by three tours in Iraq, veteran Brad Skinner comes to New York with the sole intention of partying as hard as he can in order to forget what he’s seen. Impulsive and...

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Refreshment delivery for this week 06.29.2007
This is what I have to take up tomorrow morning. We load it on Friday evenings so it can be brought up before opening on Saturday. Only thing missing is the anheuser busch order that actually makes it up early Friday...
Photo by bossco on Flickr


Bud Light Revamps Ad Approach for Super Bowl - WSJ

Anheuser-Busch revamps Bud Light ad direction, will use Super Bowl to plug the brand and other brews such Budweiser, Michelob Ultra and Busch.

Budweiser - Wikipedia

Budweiser also advertises extensively in motorsports, from Bernie Little's Miss Budweiser hydroplane boat to sponsorship of the Budweiser King Top Fuel Dragster ...

AB InBev Struggles to Put Vigor Back Into Bud Light - WSJ

AB InBev Struggles to Put Vigor Back Into Bud Light Brewing giant’s profit soars but America’s best selling beer sheds market share

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Amazon.com: Budweiser

Online shopping for Budweiser at Amazon.com ... Brewed The Hard Way Since 1876. We brew Budweiser because we’re the only ones who could pull it off.