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Custom 250 gallon Starphire glass Rimless Reef Savvy fish aquarium

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    Complete Aquarium Setup
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    250 gallons
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    Reef Savvy

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. This is a 3/4 starphire glass Reef Savvy 250 gallon turn key fish aquarium. It measures 85"x30"x22.5 tall. This beauty is the Ferrari of aquariums. If you want the best of the best, this is it! This aquarium is chalked full of expensive corals like high end zoanthids to two faced scolly's, Jason Fox signature pieces, to ORA SPS, Pink boobies chalice, Huge Walt Disney colony, Mummy eye, Colorado Sunburst Anemone's, the list goes on and on. The coral is packed into every square inch of the tank, sump, and refugium. I think in coral alone there's over $3k. There's about 20 fish including a gem tang and long nose Rostratum black tang. Other fish include High Red Stigmata blenny, different leopard wrasse's, blizzard clownfish, phantom clownfish, too many to list here. Basically the livestock, coral, and liverock are a giveaway. I probably will end of breaking it down and sell it separately if i don't sell it together. I can make an additional 3k if I go that route but figured I'd give someone the chance to take it all away in one fail swoop. Im FIRM on the price so I won't be going below the asking price. The only thing I would consider is only a Hyacinth Macaw full setup including cage. If I don't sell it at this bargain basement price I'll just break it down and make more money doing it myself. I have no problem with that. The fish alone in this tank are worth north of 2k alone.
I have receipts for everything. The fish aquarium cost me $9.3k shipped to me. Subtract the 1k for shipping and I'm still into the tank about 8k. I invite anyone to price it out and see what you come up with not to mention you'll wait over a year to get it or longer. The tank was signature signed by Felix on the back top right corner of tank dated 12/26/2016. Here's a list for the equipment.
*Reef Savvy phantom bottom, custom 28" ghost overflow, 250 gallon 3/4 inch starphire glass fish aquarium*Beautiful Custom stained high end, Stenciled, Cherry wood cabinet built by Chris Brenner. See his work at Chris Brenner's Woodworking. He partnered with Ryan from Bulk Reef Supply to do his stand and works hand in hand with Felix for his high end projects. * Synergy Reef 54" multi colored, set up for Triton method sump (same sump that Ryan on Bulk Reef Supply has on 52 weeks of Reefing  video) very nice, custom made sump by Rick from Synergy Reef. Best sump company in the business.*(3) Gen 4 Ecotech Radion Pro's with custom made mounts.*New Gieseman 48" Infinity light fixture.*Royal Exclusive Bubble King Protein Skimmer 250* Ecotech Vortech quiet drives (4) *Avast Marine zeolith reactor (the biggest one they make)*Synergy Reef ATO, 20 gallon capacity*Neptune Apex classic with 2 energy bars and break out boxes*Apex DOS two part doser*Reef Dynamics recirculating bio pellet reactor*Ecotech Radion mounts RMS (3)*Ecotech Radion full rail system (2) for 86" tank*3 Synergy Reef 3 part dosing container*Ecotech Vectra L1 return pump*Emperer aquatics UV sterilizer 40 watt*300 LBS of Tukani and Tonga branch*Tunze Osmolator universal 3155*Luxcore performance series ballasts*(3) stainless steel heaters*Finnex HC-810 backup control module*Avast Marine doser*  (2) Triton tests ($50) value each

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me and I can answer any other questions you may have on the aquarium. I have over $24k invested into this tank and I have receipts for everything to prove it! its a steal at the price I'm asking. You can't get a nicer aquarium than this!! Its as good as it gets. Everything is new and the aquarium is in MINT CONDITION (FLAWLESS) condition.  Again, I won't be accepting anything below my asking price so don't even ask. And again, if I don't sell it at my asking price I'm going to break it down piece by piece and sell it for 3k more than Im asking. Thanks for looking. My loss is your gain. And of course this is local pickup only. I do have this listed locally. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END THIS LISTING EARLY IF I SELL IT LOCALLY!!!

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