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Moon View 440g Corner Glass 1/4 Cylinder Aquarium Ensemble Real Wood Cabinetry

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  • Stand Material:
  • Tank Capacity:
    440 gallons
  • Shape:
    1/4 Cylinder
  • Brand:
    Aqua Vim
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Pic 3 is the 440g. We have inventory in stock of 66g, 85g, 96g, 105g, 116g, 125g, 155g, 186g, 200g, 250g. Call or message us.

TANK: 86"L x 60"W x 36"H (built with tough AquaVim® glass, thick, eurobraced, trilevel-intake double-walled overflow, feeder tube, glass covers)

COMPLETE AQUARIUM SETUP (glass tank, overflow, stand, canopy) 
- Real wood 36" cabinet (open-back), and 15" tall full front-hinged canopy with vent slots and hooks installed for lighting.
- In Rose Cherry stain, shown in the last pictures

REEF TANK (tank, furniture, sump)
- Sump design shown in picture

  One main difference makes us stand out from all the others: We invest heavily in glass bending technology and use this technology to make aquariums in a wide variety styles and shapes. Our aquariums are of the very finest quality and are unsurpassed in the industry. We have endured many years of painstaking effort in perfecting our products and made ourselves masters of a series of proprietary technologies and know-how in the manufacture of these uniquely-designed products. We are all very proud of the results and pleased to be able to offer products with the very significant benefits and advantages as follows:

* Glass aquariums can now be as curvy and stylish as acrylic aquariums, allowing you to enjoy an unimpeded view of the entire aquarium, without distracting seams and adhesives. And our ability to create customs shapes means you can also design something unique to accommodate a particular interior.

* Glass aquariums are more durable and far less likely to scratch than those made of acrylic.

* Glass aquariums do not fog or "age" the way that acrylic/plastic aquariums may. Glass remains crystal clear for life.

* Unlike the products of other glass aquarium makers, our seamless, curved, glass aquariums have no sharp edges or corners pointing out the front. This makes it possible for you to have an aquarium, without risking the safety of your children or others in your home.

* The glass we use in our aquariums is specially made to surpass that of our competitors. It is clearer than the standard glass used by most other glass aquarium makers.

Weight factor: acrylic vs. glass

tank size

acrylic tank weight empty (lbs) / laborers needed

glass tank weight empty (lbs) / laborers needed

acrylic tank weight full (lbs)

glass tank weight full (lbs)

weight difference between glass and acrylic tanks when full (%)

5542 / 278 / 25896256.1%
9388 / 2170 / 299310758.3%
118120 / 2215 / 2130514007.3%
170160 / 2295 / 3184519807.3%
230200 / 2370 / 4233025308.6%
265250 / 3460 / 5269029507.8%
500600 / 51050 / 8490053509.2%





Compare other factors: acrylic tank vs. glass tank vs. Aqua Vim seamless curved glass tank

sighted seams from viewingscratch concern transparency and “aging”forming stylesmaterial costmanufacturing difficulty water holding strengthdistortion
acrylic seams are nearly clear but affect viewhigh, easily scratched from routine algae-cleaninghigh when new but can decrease over time. Strong lighting and detergents also contribute to yellowing/foggingmore freedom of design because of the elastic nature of acrylichighlowest of the threestrong because its seams are molecular bondsminimal, but poorly manufactured acrylic may lose its shape and/or clarity
conventional glasshighly visible silicone seamlow, less likely less clear than new acrylic but clear enough for viewing pleasure

glass stays clear for life

confined to flat panels x silicone seamslowdifficult, without requiring sophisticated equipment8 seams depend on careful, highly skilled glue workminimal
Aqua Vim® glassunobstructed, seamless viewslow, less likely Stays clear life-long. Standard clearer than most other manufacturers,  and AquaVim® low-iron glass is extremely clearA huge variety of shapes can be formed with years of experience with glass bending technology specifically for high-end aquariumsvery highrequires large-scale glass equipment and extensive know-howstrong, with the use of thicker glass and fewer, 3 seams compared to the 8 of othersminimal – smaller models with sharp bends may produce a slight distortion but is largely preferred over a silicone seam, and does not detract from the ensemble

Any questions or concerns please caII AquaVim

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