Live Plant For Plastic Acrylic

Xmas Moss-Live Plant for Plastic Acrylic Java Aquarium

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 Christmas  Moss


Product ID: PL-MO03

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Christmas Moss

- each  portion 5 by 5 cm/2 by 2 inches

When grown  attached to driftwood or rock, it forms triangular fronds in the  shape of Christmas trees  No  Carbon dioxide injection required for healthy growth Great natural hideout for fish  fry Able to withstand a great variety  of water conditions After receiving the moss, attach  to wire mesh  /rock / driftwood  with sewing thread or fishing line  to keep  the moss in the desired place. Else, it could be floating around Moss will take 2-3 weeks to adapt  to new fish tank water condition and new leaf will grow out.   PH 5.8 - 7.5 Temperature 75 to 84  Fahrenheit (24 to 29 Celcius) Hardness Suitable for  all water hardness Lighting  Requirements Low to High Size 1.5" in length Difficulty Easy Ever wonder how to setup a low-upkeep & yet  impressive tank? Why not consider our Christmas moss Package  Deal?  
   3 portions 5 portions  10 portions PACKAGE DEAL! 5% Off
With shipping! $17.77
With shipping! $33.57
With shipping!
  Christmas Moss can be used to construct moss wall for the backdrop of  aquarium    You might also need some Related Accessories 


Moss wall  mesh construct a beautiful aquarium  backdrop Plant net  wraps java moss around plastic/metal mesh Check valve protects  your equipment from backflow CO2 diffuser  supplies  carbon dioxide to boost the growth rate of plants  CO2 tablets saves you the time and hassle to setup  CO2 system Great tools to trim your  plants  Customers  Who Bought This Item Also Bought 


Philippine  Java fern adds a natural feel to your  driftwood Marimo ball,  give a try to this exotic species? Echinodorus amazonicus, excellent for  aquarium backdrop Pellia a  jelly-like plant for your driftwood & rocks Star moss,  twinkle, twinkle little star... Christmas moss, neat and pretty  aquarium backdrop


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