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Automatic Bee Hives Heating System heater elements Electric heater beehive

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This set is designed to warm the air inside the hives during the cold season, 
and is also used to accelerate the spring build-up of bee colonies. 
The start kit can heat up to 10 hives. In order to heat a larger number of hives, it is necessary to purchase heating plates. 

The maximum number of heating plates used for the power supply unit is 30 pcs.

Composition of the kit:

Power supply 12V, power 300 watts - 1pcs;

Digital thermoregulator PT20 (detachable wire with thermo sensor 30 m.) - 1 pcs;

Heating plates - 10 pcs;

Adapter with wire 35 cm, for convenient connection - 20 pcs. (copper wires of 1.5 mm2)

Principle of operation and connection procedure:

The thermostat is connected to a household outlet 220v, a detachable wire with a temperature sensor 30 meters 
long is placed in the control hive (the control hive is determined individually by the beekeeper, 
depending on the conditions of the location of the apiary). 
The power supply unit (transformer-rectifier) ​​is connected to the thermostat 
(in the thermoregulator there are special openings as in the usual socket). 
The adapter is connected to the power adapter with a wire length of 35 cm, from the adapters, 
the beekeeper outputs wires to its hives (wires are not included), to which the heating plates are connected. 
Heating plates are placed on the bottom of the hive.

The temperature regulator is set to the required temperature mode (the mode selection is described in detail in the instructions to the thermostat), depending on the selected mode, the thermostat receives temperature information from the temperature sensor, which is placed in the control hive and transfers it to the outgoing block of the thermostat. If the temperature does not match the previously set temperature, the thermostat switches on or off the heating. Using heaters in this sequence allows you to constantly maintain the desired temperature in the hives.


The power supply unit is designed for operation from an alternating current network with a voltage of 220V. 
It is a transformer-rectifier for converting an alternating current of 220V into an alternating current of 12V.

Supply current, voltage - alternating, 220V, 50Hz

Output current, voltage - alternating, 12V

The maximum power of the connected load is 300 W

Dimensions :
  • Length - 150
  • Width - 140
  • Height - 80
  • Weight, kg. - 1.7
The power supply consists of a housing inside which is mounted a transformer and rectifier, 
a power cord with a plug, a switch, a fuse and two terminals. 
The supply cord and fuse are located on the rear side of the unit, the switch and the terminals are on the front. 
The polarity of the terminals is indicated by + and -.

Preparing the product for work and order of work.

To the terminals of the power supply unit, it is necessary to connect the terminals of the electric honey extractor drive, 
already mounted on the honey extractor and prepared for operation, while observing the polarity. 
After that, plug the unit into the AC mains and press the switch. The honey drive electric drive is ready to work. 
The heater for the hive is 10W.

It is intended for additional warming up of air inside the hive during the spring extension of bees. 
The heater is an environmentally safe device, which does not emit any harmful substances and electromagnetic radiation, 
as it uses a ceramic-metal heating element, which does not cause any harmful factors.

Dimensions - 100 x 100 x 10 mm

Rated voltage : 12 V DC or AC

Heater power : 10 W

Operating temperature: not more than 50 ºС

Heating time to operating temperature: 10 min.

Weight : 50 g.

Digital Thermoregulator, for a beehive heater PULSE PT20

It is designed to maintain the necessary temperature of the heater in bee hives, heat chamber and honey decrystallizers. 
And also used for heating air in incubators, greenhouses, terrariums, etc.

Accuracy of temperature maintenance: + - 0,1 C

Power supply voltage: 150-280 V

Adjustable temperature range: -55 to + 125 ° C

Maximum power: 2.0 kW

Number of hives for heating: up to 150 hives (you can connect 5 power supplies via an extension)

Cord length with sensor: 30 meters

US\CA\UK customers you need converter 110 to 220 V

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