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Warhammer 40K Astra Militarum Chimera Tank Painted Commission Painting Service

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This is an advertisement for services.  White Metal Games is a miniature painting and commission service specializing in producing custom painted miniatures for all your tabletop games. 

The pictured models are SAMPLES ONLY. 

This auction includes:  1x Astra Militarum Chimera, assembled and painted for you to a tabletop plus standard. 

The model pictured is a SAMPLE MODEL ONLY.  Let us know which extra options you would like included:  Hunter/killer, searchlight, dozer blade, smoke launchers, etc.  Check out our MANY ebay auctions to see more samples of our various painted models.  This price includes cost of model new in box (approx. $37.25 USD retail).  

Here is how this works:  We purchase this model for you NEW.  You let us know how you would like them assembled using any bits in the box.  Then we assemble and paint these models either exactly as above or in a scheme of your choosing.  Just let us know what you like!  Want some weathering?  Object source lighting?  No problem!  Just let us know what you DO like, and we'll attempt to match it!

We then repackage these painted models and ship them back to you.  The entire process takes about 3-5 weeks for domestic clients, and 4-6 weeks for international clients.  We update you each week via email with updates regarding your order.  Allow 1-2 weeks for product to be received in our studio.  The rest of the time will be dedicated to assembling and painting your models.  


Already own the models?  No problem!  We consider the value of these models to be approx. $37.25 USD, so make us an offer we can't refuse!  You can mail us your models and we'll paint them!  

Need a squad from another faction painted (Genestealer Cult, Looted Ork Wagon)?  No problem!  We accept commissions! Contact us through our website White Metal Games. 

Here's how this works:  We purchase this model or kit new on your behalf.  We will then assemble it using an option you desire from the kit, and then paint it up to a standard similar to that which is featured above. Want to make changes to the color scheme, wargear, or other options (such as magnetization)?  Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll change the model as per your requests, within reason.  Ask before you purchase if you are unsure if we will accept your request.  In most cases can negotiate the details of your commission, adjust the invoice, and then invoice you.  

The entire process takes about 4-5 weeks for domestic clients, or 5-6 weeks if you are overseas.  Outlying areas such as Japan or Russia can take up to 10 weeks to arrive, so please be patient.  Once an items leaves our borders, we have very little to do with it's whereabouts, but we can attempt to track it to the best of our abilities.  

Be sure to check out our Tac Templates!  These custom templates are perfect for wargamers and ship free with any other item!  Ebay Item # 252813172475


BRONZE is our 3 color down level, and intended for massed infantry, tokens, or models that see limited table use.  Light on detail, but it prices for about 25% under Silver.

SILVER is our Tabletop Level and most 'Average Joe' painters can replicate work at this level.  An average infantry is under $20 at Silver and most characters are under $60 at Silver.  

ELECTRUM is our Tabletop Plus Level, where we begin to incorporate advanced techniques like blending, pre-shading, and OSL.  It prices for about 150% over Silver.  

GOLD is our Pro-Painted level.  It is great for characters centerpiece models and characters, It prices for about 200% over Silver.  

PLATINUM is our Display level and represents some our finest work.  It prices for about 250% of Silver.  

Want to save a few dollars?  Ask that we paint the model to a lower quality.  Just make us an offer and if we accept the terms, we'll get started on your commission right away

ALREADY OWN THESE MODELS?  Were you eager to own them and started painting them yourself before you got too busy to work on them?  Were you a kickstarter supporter, but now don't know where to start on your massive collection?  No problem!   Simply make me an offer and tell me YOU OWN THE MODELS and their current state.  If I accept your terms, ship the models to me!  

Need something else painted not in our store?  WE ACCEPT COMMISSIONS!  Contact us directly through Ebay messages for special requests!

YES, WE COMBINE SHIPPING!  In most cases each additional lot of miniatures will add the following shipping cost to your invoice:




**Varies based on model lot size.**

What is included with his auction:

Unless otherwise stated, this auction is only for the item and items primarily featured in this auction and those mentioned in the listing, as well as the items described in the title of the auction.  Any additional models pictured for scale purposes or terrain pieces are NOT included with this auction. This also includes but is not limited to quarters, rulers, dollar bills, and soda cans.  

Handling time:

For items already painted, ready to ship, or items that sell as is (for example, stencils, weathering pigment, etc), WMG currently operates at a standard of about 3 business days from the time you pay for your order until the time we ship. Bear in mind that international orders can take as long as 6-8 weeks to reach their destination depending on what part of the world you like in.   Please contact us is your item is delayed for a significant period of time.  

For custom commissions, where we must order product new, the entire process takes about 4-5 weeks for domestic clients, or 5-6 weeks if you are overseas.  Outlying areas such as Japan or Russia can take up to 10 weeks to arrive, so please be patient.  Once an items leaves our borders, we have very little to do with it's whereabouts, but we can attempt to track it to the best of our abilities.  


Due to the nature of custom commission work, it is our policy at White Metal Games to NOT accept returns on items unless there is significant damage to the products/merchandise or the item is lost in transit. Please read all descriptions of items thoroughly before bidding/buying and contact me with any questions.

That being said, we do consider returns on items on a case by case basis in extenuating circumstances.  Contact us if you have any questions.


We always ship using USPS and Ebay tracking, whenever possible. For international orders, we do not offer online tracking however if a parcel takes more than 3 weeks to reach it's destination, please contact me before leaving feedback and I will attempt to locate your goods. USPS does provide some means to locate items shipped abroad, however, it is not nearly as efficient as stateside tracking information.

International Shipping:

YES, we ship internationally. We usually ship for a flat rate to anywhere in the world with a separate rate for Canada.  

Combined shipping:

YES, we combine shipping. Please wait until I send you and invoice to pay for your items.

International Shipping and associated tariff's/fee's:

WMG is aware that clients receiving goods overseas, esp. in the United Kingdom, are required to pay a tariff or fee to receive items from the USA. Many of our items are sold for well over $100.00 USD. Because of this, the fees for obtaining your parcels in the UK may be dissuadingly high.  Bid with full disclosure.  


Unless otherwise stated, all products and miniatures are provided AS IS with no guarantee or warranties afforded. Although we do our best to ensure your items are handled delicately and shipped securely, the nature of shipping miniatures and models with delicate parts is that some items do get damaged during transit. Buyer be warned. We use the best shipping methods available to ensure that the packages are secure and that your items remain unharmed during transit. To keep the cost of shipping as low as possible, we offer reuse boxes for the purpose of shipping. Although this can give the impression at first glance that we just shove your models in a box and abscond with your hard earned money, this couldn't be further from the truth. We want your items to arrive safely and for you to enjoy them for years to come.

Will WMG paint items NOT in your store?:

YES, White Metal Games also offers painting by request.

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