Quad Coil Tank

 "New, Authentic" Stainless Quad Coil, 6ml Capacity, Kangetech Aero Tank Turbo

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    Aero Turbo Tank
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I am a 66-year old dude that has been vaping for about 5-6 yers now. When I first started in the Bigger size tanks, the Kangertech SubTank was the New and Inproved version of what Kangetech had at first. I had bought this Tank and let it sit because of the other devices I was using, so here comes Kangertech with the SuhTank and people  went crazy about it, so did I, so the Turbo was put in my "Hold" Drawer. I always wanted to use it but just never did. It uses those very small coils, but this Baby had 2 f them and I thought that was just too cool, but as time went by, I never got it out and used it. I STILL see them listed on more sites than I would think would still stock it and it's held almost it's original price, Evidently there must be people that really like this Tank for it to still be on sale at the websites see t on. Anyway, it's of course a stainlees steel one, I don't think that when it was made that any companies had any colored devices then. The Tank is in the original box with ALL of the paperwork that came with it and also do have 2 coils and, I'm thinking that I probably have at least 2 more making the total of coils, 4. hey stores still stock and sell these coils, (I've even seen where they have been even been improved on) sell these type coils and can be found in almost every popular store or websites that you go to. Its a beautiful made tank in my eyes,, such Great Quality, and man is this a piece of Stainless, if you were to take it and throw it, hopefully you don't get hit by it, cause as heavy as it is, it would hurt somebody. The directions are in the box like I mentioned but I looked to see how a person would take it apart to chage the coils and the center rinf that has the engraved arrows on it is what you turn to have it come apart to change your coils out, kinds had me fooled for a bit, but you just grap the center ring and unscrew it and then the tank comes apart and exposes the coils, looked like it still has some of the  oil, so be sure and clean it very well before using it, the top also unscrews to be able to fill it, simple after you look at the instructions. Coils are easy to change.

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