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    assembly Kit
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    1/16 electric RC tank series No.38
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1/16 electric RC tank series No.38

Germany Jagdpanzer IV / 70 (V) Lang full operation set (with propoxycarbonyl)

Item No: 56038

Total length = 532mm photo assembling the kit, is what was painted

[Excitement and tension transmitted to the fingertips]

 Equipped with a long-barreled 70 caliber 7.5cm antitank gun to lower the body of World War II the end of the appearance, the end of the war the German Army of No. IV that plagued the Allies until the Tank Destroyer / 70 (V) electric radio that reproduces the rungs This assembly kit of control tank. Reproduce the distinctive low silhouette surrounded by inclined oblique armor realistic. Including Schulze emissions of the vehicle side, such as various types of equipment and spare track also is rising finish high part of the sense of scale. Secure strength by using metal parts in the chassis each part to support the traveling. In addition, the movement of the tank unique can be controlled by RC cars and similar operation, tuning the sound to each of the movement, including the engine sound. If in addition equipped with a battle system sold separately, you can also play with the 1 / 16RC tank. The fingertip to manipulate the transmitter, we look forward to be transmitted ultimate feel excitement and tension.

[Running performance]

 Equipped with a pre-assembled gear box set with 380 motor to the front. You can enjoy a strong run with sufficient power. In addition, the chassis and suspension arms, ensuring the strength by using the metal parts to such drive sprocket. Two of the leaf spring bogie type suspension apparatus to which a pair of track roller has adopted a metal plate in place of the leaf spring. Creating a supple movement in the vehicle similar mechanism to effectively absorb the road surface of the irregularities and shock.

[Gun firing]

Aluminum gun barrel have a texture that protrude from mantlet of distinctive shape called Zaukopufu. Set a xenon tube inside the muzzle part as a resin made clear parts. With dazzling fire light by the flash, thrilling firing sound is tuned. Also by the recoil gear box, which is mounted to combat the indoor part, reproduce until a series of movement back to the smoothly after the gun barrel was sitting rear quickly along with the firing sound. Action to vibration body in a counter motion of the main gun firing also, has been achieved by controlling the running for the gear box.

[Germany Ⅳ No. Tank Destroyer / 70 (V) for Lang]

World War II appeared at the end, all Allied tanks powerful can be broken attack from range distance out of service long-barreled 70 caliber 7.5cm antitank gun No. IV of the German army was equipped with a Tank Destroyer / 70 (V) Lang is. The body of the Panzer IV to the base, the low fighting compartment of configured attitude in armor plate inclined all four sides formed, 48 caliber 7.5cm antitank gun limited turning equipped with an improved type of issue Tank Destroyer IV to the equation. 70 digits representing the diameter in order to distinguish the gun that was originally equipped, means Fomaku company in charge of development (V) was added, was called "rung" which means long barrel. Produced 930 tanks until March 1945 from August 1944, bravely played a defensive game in the tactics that take advantage of a very long range distance, of the Allies to the beginning end of the war the Ardennes battle from December 1944 we were confronted before.

[Use the 2.4G propoxycarbonyl to feel free to play with multiple units]

Stick type of 4ch transmitter, traveling for 7.2V battery, also, such as charger set. RC mechanism has no need of the band adjustment by Crystal exchange, feel free to adopt the 2.4GHz radio set to enjoy by a plurality. 2.4GHz, which is also used, such as the computer's wireless LAN, is characterized by worry is less of interference in the transmitter and the receiver (the body) is a one-to-one correspondence.

Basic Specifications

● Length: 532mm, overall width 202mm, height 130mm, gross weight 2770g. ● The low silhouette surrounded by inclination armor, modeled in high feel the fearless appearance with a 70 caliber 7.5cm gun. ● Made gun barrel is machined aluminum out. ● including Schulze emissions of the vehicle side, equipment and spare track is also part of, such as the engine room top surface. ● forward-reverse and left right turn, also can be operated movement of the gun barrel. Also it is realized barrel after the seat and the body reaction at the time of shooting. ● sound synchrotron to the movement, such as engine sound and the main gun firing sound. Firing light is also tuning of the main gun and the front of the vehicle body machine gun. ● 4ch propoxycarbonyl of the multi-function unit and the 2.4GHz band specification, traction battery, full set was also attached charger. ● Battle System (sold separately) can be attached, you can enjoy competition with other 1 / 16RC tank.

[What you purchase separately] ● power supply for the transmitter (AA batteries 4)

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