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Voguers VG 509N Super Speed Cutting Shortens a Shave Time 3D Quick LCD Best

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VG 509N


3D Quick shaver
LCD timer display

Super speed cutting shortens a shave time
Convenient washable   DETAILS VEIW

How to USE
Skin Adaption period
Your first shaves may not bring you the best result you expect and your skin may even becomes slightly irritated.
This is normal. Your skin and beard need time to adapt to any new shaving system.
We advise you to shave regularly (at least 3times a week) for a period of 3 weeks to allow your skin to adapt to the new shaver. During this period, use your new electiric shaver exdusively and do not use

If you use different shaving methods, it is more difficult for your skin to adapt to the

Move the shaving heads over your skin in cicular movements.
Do not makes straight movements.

Wet shaving
You can also use this shaver on a wet face with shaving foam of shaving gel.
To shave with shaving foam or shaving gel, follow the steps below.
1. Apply some water to your skin.
2. Apply shaving foam or shaving gel to your skin.
3. Rinse the shaving unit under the tap to ensure that the shaving unit glides smoothly over your skin.
4. Press the on/off button once to switch on the shaver.
5. Move the shaving heads over your skin in circular movements.
6. Dry your face and thoroughly clean the shaver after use.

How to change shaving head
When detaching a shaving head, hold the shaver with one hand, and separate a shaving head away from a body by pushing an cap opening buttonwith the other hand. Separate a blade buttress(red part) by turning the middle button to anti clock wise

take out shaving blades and exchange them for new ones.
Place a blade buttress as shown in picture, and then fasten the middle part of button to clock wise. when putting a shaving head back to the body, first set a cap opening button as shown in picture and fix them.

Product Contents

Certificate   - Korea C Type.
- You need to get a seperate international plug suitable for your country.    

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