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Hello Everyone,


I am selling my 90-gallon fish tank with EVERYTHING included for $1,500 (OR BEST OFFER). I will be selling this all together, nothing will be sold separately. This will be EVERYTHING you need to get your fish tank started and running perfectly forever. No specific reason for selling it, just time to move on as I had it up and running for over 12 years! You will be responsible for the breakdown and moving of the fish tank, fish stand, fish, lace rock, all of the accessories, etc. The fish tank is currently up and running. I live in Wolcott, Connecticut. 


Here is list of everything included in the final price. I could provide additional photos/videos upon request!


-90 Gallon Fish Tank (No Cracks/Leaks) with Top Piece

-Black 90 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

-Cascade 1500 Canister Filter

-Over 100 Pounds of Lace Rock (Assortment of Colors/Shapes/Sizes/Some from Aruba! (I have huge amount of lace rock that is not shown in the first fish tank pictures)

-Coralife Dual Fixture High Output T5 Aquarium Light Fixture 48” with 2 Bulbs

-2 8 Foot Color Changing LED Lighting with Wireless Remotes

-Over 4 Inches High of White African Cichlid Gravel

-150 Gallon Whisper Air Pump (4 Outputs)

-Aqueon Submersible Heater 300 Watts

-Turbo Twist UV Pond Sterilizer

-2 Turbo Twist UV Pond Sterilizer Replacement Bulbs


I have a large and unique selection of fish ranging from 2 huge red parrots, a large white spotted tropheus, an extra large pleco (almost 1 foot long!), 3 large clown loach, 1 large catfish shark, multiple red zebras, multiple demasoni, very large mono, large green scat, and many more! The fish frequently have babies as well! There are current babies in the tank and they all get along just fine!


I am also including a whole bunch of extra stuff for free with this purchase!


-2 API Stress Coat

-African Cichlid Buffer

-African Cichlid Salt

-Multiple Air Bubblers/Wands

-Air Bubble Tubing

-3 Top Fin Battery Operated Air Pumps

-A Lot of Fish Food

-API Melafix

-Kordon Ich Attack

-3 Different Size Fish Nets

-Aqueon Siphon Vaccum with Tubing

-Aquarium Scrubber

-API High Range PH Test Kit

-Cascade Bio Sponge Filters

-Cascade Bio Floss Filters

-Fake Plants

-Extra 10,000K 48” Light Bulb

-Power Strip




Thank you!

-Brenton Champagne

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