1 6 Scale Tank

Pre-order 1/6 Scale Redman toys RM037 FURY TANK DIVISION Action Figure

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    Redman Toys
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    1/6 Full Box
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    Original (Unopened)
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    Does not apply
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    1/6 Full Box
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    Does not apply

Pre-order information: 

This is a pre-order product. Estimated release in —May~July,2019

(ETA provided by official supplier. Actual release time might vary)

About the product

Scale: 1/6 scale to real life size. 
It is a full-set figure, including head, body and accessories as pictured.

Packing List: 

  • Head Sculpt 
  • Tank helmet with goggles
  • Khaki Army Jacket
  • Camouflage Jacket
  • Army Green Shirt
  • Army Green Pants
  • Brown WII Leather Shoes
  • Brown gloves
  • M3 Submachine gun
  • Browning pistol
  • Gentleman's Hat
  • Gentleman's Scepter
  • Foreign Wine
  • Necklace
  • Military Uniform Armband  X  5
  • Hands 
  • Muscle Body

Pre-order policy 

Customers are strongly advised to read it before placing an order.

  1. This is a “pre-order” product, not an “in-stock” product.  It’s only available to ship until it’s released from the manufacturer.
  2. Actual release time might be later from estimated release time, we are not responsible for the delay from the manufacturer’s end. We cannot promise a specific time of release, on behalf of the manufacturer, unless it’s 100% confirmed by them
  3. If customer wants to cancel the order, please bring forward within 30 days after the transaction is made. 
  4. If customer wants to cancel the order after 30 days, customer could only get 90% full value back (the rest 10% is used to pay for eBay transaction fee)
  5. ** SPECIAL ATTENTION** U.S. Customers would receive a flat envelope before actual shipping to avoid late shipping restrictions eBay has on U.S. area. A new tracking number would be provided after actual release.

       Since July 1, 2018


Questions we are most frequently asked about


 1. Why isn't the product provided when in-stock?

Almost all collectible figure/accessory are produced in very limited quantities, only the customers who place pre-orders could have the product reserved in 100%. After official release, we only stock very few extra, customers are more advised to order it during the pre-order stage.


2. Reasons for delay

  1. The producing procedure of a figure is extremely complicated and involves a large amount of handcraft which could not be replaced by machines. If the delay happens on any accessory, the final release time could be compromised.
  2. In order to achieve a better final effect, the factory would also do improvements to the final version. The time taken here could be hard to control. e.g., adjust the painting on a head sculpt. 

3. Cancellation fee

If an order is canceled after 30 days, eBay would charge us for 10% the order value. (If it’s a $200 figure, we would lose $20 for each cancellation)

In order to control the cost, we are now only keeping the pre-orders based on mutual understandings, which includes the potential charge of cancellation. The cancellation within 30 days is still 100% free. 


4. Why do I receive an empty envelope?  (ONLY FOR U.S. customers, important) 

We would send 1 package with small card/gifts in an envelope, usually after 2 weeks after payment if the buyer is from the United States.
The tracking number would be uploaded to eBay. eBay requires every transaction to have a tracking number with A-Scan records within handling time, which is 30 days max. Therefore, we need to send you something before actual release in order to prevent our account being restrained.


Communication & Support

trustworthy seller for pre-orders with beginning-to-end support

  1. We would follow up the producing progress with the suppliers in regular, and share with the customer every information

  2. We would provide a beginning-to-end support until the product is delivered to your hands, and respond to your messages within 24 hours

  3. If you have any other question, please feel free to message us anytime. 

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