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Saltwater Aquarium - 220 Gallon (X-high - 30”)

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    Rectangle (Standard)
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    220 gal X-high (72" x 24" x 30")
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    Marineland & Other
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    Complete Aquarium Setup

Saltwater Aquarium - 220 Gallon (X-high - 30”)


·       Well over $5,000 invested

·       All glass, not acrylic, no scratches

·       Could be used for fresh water

·       Marineland Aquarium Tank - #97014 220 gal X-high (72" x 24" x 30"), 2 corner overflows

·       Aquatic Life T5-HO 72” Fixture with Triple Programmable Timer

 (1) Timer controls T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LED's independently

 (2) 36 in T5 HO 39W 10,000K Lamp

 (4) 36 in T5 HO 39W 420/460 Lamps

 (2) 36 in T5 HO 39W purple Lamp

 (6) 1w Lunar Leds

·       Pro Clear Wet Dry Pro 300 & Protein Skimmer

·       Live Rock ~100 lbs

·       Instant Reef Artificial Coral Decorations (Expensive)

·       Reverse Osmosis and Deionization RO/DI

·       Custom Continuous Water Changing System  (No manual water changes required)

·       Removable Aquatic Blue Background

·       Complete Aquarium system – In addition to above - Heaters, EcoPlus Submersible Pump, Temperature Alarm, TDS meter, visual drop flow meter, pressure regulator, auto shutoff, top off controller, nets, food, additional salt, everything I have associated with the aquarium, etc.

The Custom Continuous Water Changing System – This system continuously adds water to the tank one drop at the time.  The rate at which the water is added is controlled by a precision Barstock needle valve. The flow rate can be adjusted to any desired amount of ‘water changes / year’.  I have it set at four 220 gallon water changes per year.  Salt must be manually added approximately once a week.

The tank is supported by the bar top and an additional structure in the back.  You are welcome to the additional structure but it will not support the tank without some additions.

Photo 1 & 2 - The aquarium is currently built into my bar as pictured above.  Only the aquarium and decorations within the tank are included. - The bar, accessories, and booze are not included.

Photo 3 - Everything in the rear view of the tank is included.

Photo 4 - Everything in the RO/DI picture is included.

Photo 5 - The Pro Clear Wet Dry Pro 300 & Protein Skimmer are underneath the aquarium stand and is not easily photographed, so I included a stock manufacturer's photo.

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