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Saltwater Aquarium Setup (fish, coral, live rock, tank, stand, and equipment)

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South Plainfield,NJ,USA
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Item specifics
  • Shape:
    Rectangle (Standard)
  • Stand Material:
    Black Wood
  • Brand:
    Deep Blue
  • Water Type:
  • Type:
    Complete Aquarium Setup
  • Tank Capacity:
    65 gal.
  • Bundle Listing:
  • Tank Material:

Well established and meticulously maintained 4 year old salt water aquarium. Hardware: 65 gal Deep Blue corner flow glass tank with matching black wood stand (blue acrylic painted back), 2 AI Prime LED wifi controlled lights with tank mounts, Eshopps sump with custom pvc silencer, Reef Octopus Classic 110 SSS protein skimmer, Jebao DC 1000 return pump with controller, AutoAqua Smart Mini auto top off with reservoir and pump, Marineland overflow mounted titanium heater. Livestock: 65 lbs live rock COVERED with life, various snails and hermits, large Electric Blue hermit, Queen Conch, Emerald Crab, Coral Banded Shrimp, purple urchin, bonded pair of Clarkii Clown Fish with large host RBTA anemone, large Marine Betta, Coral Beauty, Electric Blue Velvet Damsel, 3 HUGE colonies of purple tipped hammer coral, large frogspawn colony, Jedi Mind Trick Acropora, green star and clove polyps, and lots of red mushrooms. Sand bed is about two inches of argonite with tons of life. Lots of coraline in the system as well. Never any chemicals, just RO water and natural sea water. Also will include various food and maintenance supplies.

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