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Reef tank/Coralife Biocube 32 w/ stand Ai Prime HD

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This is a fully functioning reef tank with everything included in excellent condition. Coralife stand, Aqua Illumination prime hd l.e.d light w/ Mount, smart ato micro (automatic water top off), seaside aquatics protein skimmer, 2 koralia nano 425 gph powerheads, Digital thermometer, ehiem 100w heater, 2 maxijet 1200 pumps and Bulk reef supply gfo/carbon reactor.

Inhabitants are as follows: Mated/Bonded pair of ocellaris clownfish , candy cane pistol shrimp and 2 cleaner shrimps along with a clean up crew of hermits and snails. 20lbs life rock and 30lb Carib Sea Fiji sand. 11 multi headed lps (flame torch, frogspawn and a 10 headed branching hammer coral. Acan, 3.5" maxima clam (gold) 1 green mushroom and a green plating montipora . Rainbow bubble tip anemone.

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