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Red Green Blue Purple Pink White Yellow Motorcycle Lighting kit

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    138 LED 8 piece Flexible Strip Lighting Kit
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    United States
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    Modification/ Enhancement
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    Front - Rear - Right - Left
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    All models ~ CBR GSXR YZFR ZX Ninja
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138 LED  Multi-Color Wireless  Flexible Strip Light Kit

8 piece Multi-Color 138 LED Motorcycle Lighting System


  • 8 Flexible Waterproof Strip Lights built with RGB LEDs (5050 SMD)

  • Customizable size ~ Strips can be cut after every 3rd LED for a perfect fit

  • Brightly Accent your entire bike in 15 different Colors :

  • GreenRedWhiteYellowBluePurpleTealPinkOrange

  • Color Morph, Brightness, Strobing and Fading Abilities

  • 4 Button Metal Key Fob Wireless Remote Controller

  • 5 Feet of Power Wire attached to each Strip

  • 7 flashing patterns at 5 different speeds

  • Very Slim, Easily Hidden Control Box

  • Expandable up to 600 RGB LEDs

  • Strips are 1/4th Inch in Depth 

Power up these Light Strips with the press of a button using the included 4 Key Remote Controller

Each Flexible LED Motorcycle lighting strip is easily mounted to your bike using the 3M adhesive tape on the back of each strip

At 1/4 inch thick these strips have a very low profile allowing you to bend and curve each strip to any desired mounting location while providing a secure installation

Manufactured on a Flexible Black circuit board then Coated with a Clear Silicon Rubber skin this LED Strip Lighting is waterproof, durable and Stealthy

Using New Surface Mount Technology these SMD LED strip lights produce crisp vibrant + bright light in a slim package creating optimum light coverage to your entire bike while remaining hidden when not in use 

With 58 inches of wire attached to each strip mounting opportunities are endless

What's Included:

  • 4 Button Wireless Remote + Control Box
  • Two (9) LED Strips

  • Two (12) LED Strips

  • Two (18) LED Strips

  • Two (30) LED Strips
  • 8 Channel Harness

  • Installation Instructions

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