Electric Sixer Sunglasses

SFx Replacement Sunglass Lenses fits Electric Sixer - 59mm wide

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The Sunglass Fix
SFx Replacement Sunglass Lenses fits Electric Sixer - 59mm wide
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** Please Note** The Sunglass Fix has no affiliation with original manufactures. Lenses will not have logos. Our award winning service focuses on making high quality replacement lenses for all sunglasses so customers do not have to throw away their favorite sunglasses.

Shipping: All Lenses are made and shipped from Australia. Lenses ship same or next business days and take on average 3 Weeks for delivery. Please allow 5 Weeks total before contacting us at which time we will reship or resend package if it hasn't arrived. There is no tracking for free shipping option. Please select the $20 shipping for tracking if your require it. It will not speed up delivery but will tell you where the package is sitting in transit.

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Try our and experience why so many of our customers claim our lenses perform better than their originals lenses. We offer one of the on the market and stand behind our products and services. Additionally, we ship anywhere in the world for .

The Sunglass Fix manufactures and sources its own line of sunglass lenses.** We professionally shape our lenses to fit almost any sunglass frame on the market.* We supply lenses for optometrist around the world as well as high end sunglass manufacturers. However, we take great pride in offering lenses directly to consumers like you so you can keep your sunglasses performing like new for years to come at a fraction of the price you originally paid.

Having Problems Finding Sunglass Lenses for Your Sunglass Model?

  • and searching for you model
  • Contact Us and Provide
  1. - Brand
  2. - Any writing left on the inside arms
  3. - Lens Measurement - widest measurement as the crow flies of one of your lenses
  4. - a photo showing the arms and front of frames if possible

If you can not find replacement lenses for your sunglasses or just prefer to have us install them for you we are happy to do so. Just place an order for custom made and installed sunglass lenses to get the process started.

* Please Note** we can not make single mask, goggle lenses where one lens covers both eyes.

**We have no affiliation with the original manufactures. Most sunglass manufacturers do not offer replacement lenses or make it difficult and expensive to replace them. We just make our own line of great sunglass lenses so people like you can replace your lenses for as little as 5% of your original purchase price.

Lens Colors

Lens Colors for Your Electric Sixer - 59mm wide

Choose from our range of lens colours

  • black-s.jpg

    Black Solid

  • black-g.jpg

    Black Gradient

  • silver-m.jpg

    Silver Mirrored Black

  • blue-m.jpg

    Blue Mirrored Black

  • brown-s.jpg

    Brown Solid

  • solid-g.jpg

    Brown Gradient

  • green-s.jpg

    G15 Green

  • yellow.jpg


  • black-ex.jpg

    Extreme Dark Black

  • clear.jpg


  • red-m.jpg

    Red-Orange Mirrored Black

  • green-m.jpg

    Green-Yellow-Blue Mirrored G15

  • gold-m.jpg

    Gold Mirror Brown

Lens Quality

Lens Quality of your Electric Sixer - 59mm wide

Sunglass Fix produces high quality sunglass replacement lenses and is a leader in safety, performance and durability. We take great pride in offering a large selection of high quality sunglass lenses at a price that makes replacing your lenses an economically sound and environmentally friendly solution.

Our Replacement Lens Range
  • SFx Ultimate Polarised Lenses - One of the strongest, lightweight and durable lenses made. These lenses integrate a Japanese polarization film with 99.9% efficacy rating making it one of the best glare fighters around. This may be the best lens you've ever owned.
  • SFx Ultimate Regular Lenses - Safe, durable, lightweight and ready for action. Lenses are coated with a protective layer that resist scratching, repels water and sweat. Crystal clear glare protection when only the best can do.
    All Ultimate Lenses are made from a unique flexible polymer that has unbelievable optical clarity. In fact, laboratory testing ranks our lenses up with optical glass but our lenses are 1/3 the weight, don't break, are safer and easier to install. While some polycarbonate lenses claim they've got great clarity, you'll never go back to a polycarbonate lens once you tried ours.
  • SFx Polycarbonate Polarized - A strong polycarbonate lens with hydrophobic external coating that makes cleaning a breeze. The lenses integrate a Japanese polarization film with 99.9% efficacy. A strong seller and original at The Sunglass Fix.
  • SFx Regular Polycarbonate Lenses- Our polycarbonate lenses perform great. Polycarbonate lenses set the standard for safety because of their strength. While you give up a bit in optical clarity, they are still a great replacement lens option.

** Please note, we do NOT sell Glass lenses. We made this choice as we feel there are better technologies available today such as our Ultimate lens line. Our Ultimate lenses are safer, about 1/3 the weight, much easier to install on your own, don't break, and still provide similar optical clarity and durability you'd expect from a glass lens.

Quality Aspects of The Sunglass Fix Replacement Lenses
  • They Perform: All our lenses are crafted from optically superb polycarbonate material and are coated to give glass like optical clarity. Our SFx lenses are 60% lighter than glass and are much stronger. All our SFx polarized lenses and silver mirrored lenses have a Super Hydrophobic coating that makes cleaning and repelling water during strenuous activities a breeze. They stay clear so you can perform.
  • Safety: All of our lenses meet AS/NZS 1067:2003 and all other known regional quality and safety standards. They provide 100% UV protection so you know your eyes are being protected. The SFx Polycarbonate (PC Polarized and High Clarity) lenses are made from the same primary material used in bulletproof glass and safety goggles making the lenses virtually shatter proof. Our Ultimate lenses are some of the safest lenses on the market. However, they fall just short of the Industrial Safety standards required for safety glasses. Please note, frames also play a big factor in safety glasses. Safety lenses in fragile frames can make good sunglasses but may not provide safety required at the workplace.

  • They'll Last (and last, and last...) We’ve put our lenses through the ringer because we know you’re going to, too. They’ve stood up to the steel wool abrasion test, ranking 300-500% higher than the competition. They don’t break. They resist scratching. They don’t give out. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.
  • Durability: All our lenses have undergone industry standard steel wool abrasion testing and rank between 600-800% higher than competitors retailing for well over $200 in the shops. While polycarbonate lenses still lag behind glass lenses in scratch protection, they do not break and will last for years if taken care of.
  • Value for our customers and the Environment: We strive to offer the best products at a fair price in the most convenient manner. This allows our customers to get new lenses while saving money and helping the environment. With over a billion pairs of sunglasses being sold every year, it's time to change the way we live and reuse perfectly good sunglass frames.
  • Colours and Choices: Get the lenses you want, not the ones that came with your sunglasses. We can fit most sunglasses with a choice of 10 different lenses.

The Sunglass fix is unable to insert video installation instructions on Ebay.

However, links to video instructions will be emailed to you after ordering.

You can also find them on YouTube by searching "The Sunglass Fix Installation Instructions" or visiting our website.

Installation Instructions for metal framed sunglasses

Metal Frames (With Screws)



First, you'll need to locate the screws, which are usually on the underside of the sunglass frame. Determine whether you will need a flat head or, a Phillips head screwdriver, you are ready to loosen the screw.



Grip the frames and gently turn the screw a few times to loosen the frame. We recommend not removing it completely. Apply some preassure to the back of the lens and it should pop out easily.



To install your new lenses, turn your sunglasses towards you. Line your new lenses up with the frame and click them into place from the front of the frame.



Once both lenses are in placed, tighten the screw and do a final safety test by applying some preassure on the lens, to ensure that they do not pop out the frames. Enjoy seeing clearly again through your new sunglass lenses!

Clip-in Frame



The Metal Frame are designed so that even if you bend them whilst removing the lenses, the frames won't wrap or bend out of shape. To start, turn your glasses towards you and place your thumb in the nose bridge section.



The best way to remove these lenses is to place your thumb in the center and pull down on the inside edge of the firstlens to pop it out. Repeat this step.



To install your new lens, line up the outside edge with the frame and insert it from the outside in. Make sure it's in the grooves properly and then push the other side of the lens into place.



Once it's in place, pull down on the lens to ensure its secure. Finally give your lenses a clean with your new cloth and enjoy seeing clearly again with the Sunglass Fix.

Installing Lenses in Plastic Sunglass Frames

Clip-in Frames

Easy Plastic Frame



To remove your old lenses, turn glasses away from you. With one hand grip the thinnest part of the frame, with the other hand pinch the lens between your thumb and index finger.



Pull the frame away from the lense, to allow room for the lens to pop out. Apply pressure to the lens and push the lens out of the frame. Repeat this step for both lenses.



To insert your new lenses, turn your sun-glasses towards you. Line your new leneses up with the frame and click them into place from the front of the frames. You should hear a clicking sound.



Do a safety test by running your fingers around the edge of the lens to ensure they are in place. Finally give your lenses a clean with your new cloth and enjoy seeing clearly again with the Sunglass Fix.

Hard Plastic Frame



Because you're working with very stiff plastic frames and a firm glass lens, you may need to heat the plastic frames to make them more flexible. First, Locate the thinnest part of the lens.



Turn the frames away from you and pinch the lens as close as you can to the thinnest spot. Pull the frame away from the lens whilst pushing and twisting the lens away from you.



Insert your new lens from the front. Line up the edge of the lens with the frame, inserting the lens, arm side first. Use your thumb to work the lens into the nose area. You will hear a clicking sound, indicating that your lens is in its place.



Do a safety test by running your fingers around the edge of the lens to ensure they are in place. Finally give your lenses a clean with your new cloth and enjoy seeing clearly again with the Sunglass Fix.

Clip-in Plastic Frame



For Clip in Plastic sunglasses removing lens-es is relatively easy. The first corner of the lens that needs to be removed is the corner closest to the nose pads.



While maintaining a firm grip on the frame, pull the lens away from the frame. Repeat this step for both lenses



To install your new lenses, start with the side closest to the arm. Then push the second corner of your lens into the notch located near the nose piece.



Finally give your lenses a clean with your new cloth and enjoy seeing clearly again with the Sunglass Fix.

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