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Award Winner Built HOOBEN Huge 1/16 T-55 Main Battle Tank +Metal +R/C Upgrad

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Item Name: .T-55 Medium Tank Kits .Hooben Scale: .1:16 Builder:.Wing Item Status:.In Stock Ready To Go
Detail features:

Award winner built and painted radio controlled T55. Classic desert yellow color scheme with real life weathering finish. Huge 1/16 scale all new released HOOBEN updgraded kits with better details. R/C parts add on including MCU, motor, gear, sound and more. Classic desert yellow scheme with crisp detailed overall and very high standard accuracy on every individual parts. Great refined beautiful ABS body with metal gun barrel, real shield canvas and clear parts add on. Turret and gun details. Hull and deck details. The wheels and many other chassis parts are made in die cast. Full metal spring loaded suspension with tracks links. Add on vehicle tool and many accessories. Full R/C radio control function with more add on details.

R/C Feature:
* Go forward, backward, turn.
* Turret rotation.
* Fire with barrel recoil function.
* Gun barrel up and donwn.
* Sound system add on with engine and fire sound.
* Can be upgrade to top version.

Body Features:
* Lasted new released better detail kit not old version.
* Huge 16 scale with Length, including main gun: 56.3cm. Width: 20.4cm. Height: 15.0 cm. Weight: ca.3kg.
* Fully Precision, Sublime detail over all.
* Every unique characteristic of T-55 has been accurately replicated.
* Superb accurate on each part and equipment, such as periscope, lights, tool clasps, handle, hooks, all boxes, has been reproduced down to the finest details.
* The panels and rivets realistically reproduced.
* Aluminum main gun barrel.
* Metal tow cable.
* Full metal spring loaded suspension.
* Suspension arms, suspension parts, sprocket and idler wheels made from zinc die cast.
* Individual track links with metal pins.
* Add clear parts on lights.
* Lower hull and upper hull l is combination of ABS and die cast parts with full detail.
* Turret and deck with authentic casting and weld seams looking.
* Super detailed 12.7mm machine gun and mounting rack.
* Outstanding pattern detail on fenders, gas tank, ammo box, tool box with padlock and more.
* Real canvas real life looking on gun shield.
* The engine deck is very involved and detailed.
* All road wheels, sprocket wheel, idler wheel, exhibit maximum detail.
* Lifelike track detail and right degree of sag.
* Turret rotation recoil.
* Machine gun elevation and rotation.
* Add accessories and add on details.

* All new 16 scale assembled T55 body with paint and weathering.
* Powerful new electric motors included.
* MCU system add on for full R/C function.
* All newly designed solid metal gear box with new ratio.
* New designed 6 CH radio controller.
* High qualtity battery included.

Buffing and polishing to remove mold seam. Base color with primer and putty for better surface detail. Airbrushed and painted with multicolor. Add clear paint for good finishing on decal applying. Washing to enhance the surface detail increase the appearance of depth including panels, doors, hatches, rivets, bolt head and more. Dry brushing to emphasis and highlighting texture with edge for good wear, tear and fading. Multi-color filters for blend color effects. Add non glossy paint for better finishing. Great detail paint job on rust and paint chips off with scratches, worn and bare metal realistic simulating, flow rust and rain streaks effects, grease with staining appearing, engine smoking and muffler burned representing. Also smear and dirt with dust and real mud and more on real life weathering. Final protective layer for long term collection.

Static display and R/C version, can be upgrade to metal tracks, smoke system, 9CH radio, check our store or contact us for details
If you can install R/C parts yourself, and you have radio and battery already contact us, you can save money.


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The T-55 medium tank is a further development of the T-54B. It has some improvements over its predecessor that are hard to notice externally, but these improvements made the tank more efficient and lethal. The T-55 was officially accepted to service with the Soviet Army in 1958. Its production commenced during the same year. This tank was license-produced in China, Czechoslovakia and Poland. It is estimated that around 70 000 T-54 and T-55 tanks were produced in the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Poland. This figure does not include tanks produced in China. Since its introduction the T-55 has seen combat in more than 20 wars. Despite its age this medium tank is still used by about 50 countries around the world.

Both the T-54 and T-55 were heavily influenced by the Soviet experience gained during the WW2. The T-55 was the first Soviet tank, fitted with an efficient NBC protection system. At the time it was the only tank in the world, capable of fighting after a nearby nuclear explosion.

This tank has a weldes steel armor hull and a cast turret. Front of the hull has a 60° inclination angle. This tank is also fitted with automatic fire suppression system, that was a novelty at that time. The T-55 can launch its smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into exhaust.

The T-55 is fitted with a fully-stabilized 100-mm gun. It can fire accurately on the move. At a speed of 12 km/h the tank has a first round hit probability of about 60%. A total of 43 rounds are carried. The previous T-54 carries only 34 rounds.

On initial production tanks the roof-mounted 12.7-mm machine gun of the T-54 was removed, because it was ineffective against jet aircraft. In the late 1950s combat helicopters were still under development. The 12.7-mm machine gun was fitted back only in 1970.

This tank is operated by a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver.

This tank is powered by a V-55 diesel engine, developing 520 hp. It replaced the less powerful and unreliable V-45 engine of the T-54. Maximum road speed is about 50 km/h. Cross-country speed is about 25 km/h. Maximum range on fuel, including external tanks, is up to 530 km. The T-55 can be fitted with a deep wading kit and ford water obstacles up to 5 m deep.

Since its introduction the T-55 was constantly upgraded. Various countries offer a number of upgrade programmes for this ageing tank. However even updated T-55 tanks are no match for modern MBTs.

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