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The bat ray (Myliobatis californica)[1][2][3] is an eagle ray found in muddy or sandy sloughs, estuaries and bays, kelp beds and rocky-bottomed shoreline in the eastern Pacific Ocean, between the Oregon coast and the Gulf of California. It is also found in the area around the Galápagos Islands.[4] The largest specimens can grow to a wingspan of 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) and a mass of 91 kg (201 lb).[5] They more typically range from 9.07–13.61 kg (20.0–30.0 lb). Bat rays are euryhaline, i.e. they are able to live in environments with a wide range of salinities.

Bat rays feed on mollusks, crustaceans and small fish on the seabed, using their winglike pectoral fins to move sand and expose prey animals. They may also dig trenches up to 20 cm deep to expose buried prey, such as clams. Bat ray teeth are flat and pavementlike, forming tightly-packed rows that are used for crushing and grinding prey—the crushed shells are ejected and the flesh consumed. As with all elasmobranchs, these teeth fall out and are replaced continuously.


Our fish are incredibly healthy and packaged carefully and according to climate. We have wonderful success, however, if something may occur during handling, the following guarantee applies.

Guarantee live arrival or full item replacement minus shipping cost. DOA must be reported within an hour of reported delivery time per carrier. Clear photos must be submitted within that hour. Do not discard fish until photos are received, acknowledged and replacemet processed (it will be quick). Refusal may void guarantee. Guarantee only applies to UPS Next Day First and FedEx Overnight Priority.

We are not responsible for any deaths that may occur during the acclimation process, aggression within tank mates or if water quality is poor!

In the case of “Dead on Arrival”  you must CONTACT ME VIA EBAY 1 HOUR OF DELIVERY. DO NOT remove the deceased fish from the original shipping bag and DO NOT discard the deceased item without authorization from us.

Doing so will void all guarantees. We WILL NOT cover any loses caused by Fedex delivery failures or flight delays.Credit will be given for the fish only in the form of store credit. Once the fish is removed from the shipping bag, the responsibility for its health and well-being is up to the owner.

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