Aquarium Tank Temperature

NEW Aquarium Thermostat Tank Salt/Fresh Chiller Temperature Control for Fish

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    Aquarium Thermostat Chiller
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    like the detail
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    Aquarium Thermostat Chiller

Type: Fish; Model Number: Aquarium Thermostat Chiller; Brand Name: WALFRONT; Voltage: 12V; Temperature Range: like the detail;



Aquarium Thermostat Chiller with Temperature Control for Fish Tank Salt/Fresh Water


  • Microcomputer temperature control, easy to operate.
  • Automatic temperature control and energy saving, quick start cooling (less than five seconds).
  • Mute design(Less than forty-five DB).
  • Suitable for sea water, fresh water and low pH environment.
  • Simple operation settings, temperature display at a glance.

Commodity parameter:

 With temperature controller
Rated voltage
Power 70W
Circulating pump flow
Suitable range 
 The maximum pump head is 3m
Cooling water
Suitable pipe   Inner diameter 8mm
Product size
Net weight  


Usage method: The utility model needs to be matched with a filter bucket or a water pump, and is directly connected with a water pipe which is arranged in the water circulation.

Matters needing attention:
1.Transport,installation,maintain please handle with care.
2.The machine and the surrounding space to maintain the distance of ten cm or more, in order to facilitate the flow of heat dissipation.
3.This product is marked for twenty liters of water. Use refers to the water temperature (before refrigeration) at thirty degrees, no high power light (LED light except) the premise and the submersible pump in the water cooling, water can be reduced to twenty-five degrees. If the water temperature (before refrigeration) in more than thirty degrees, or have high power light (LED light and heat pump except) to the tank water, please use twenty liters of water, the lights and the pump power is greater, the higher temperature (cooling before), the applicable water is smaller.
Operating instructions:
Button description: SET Button to set key and also to add ; C/F button is Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion key.

In the case of the actual temperature display press the SET button, the settings below digital flicker (below the set temperature, flashing) then SET (+) C/F (-) to a set temperature required for the complete set lights automatically confirm three seconds back, the controller according to the set temperature automatically executing relay on-off, the thermostat the rated output of 12V20A relay, to meet a variety of high power, please make sure that the correct line.
Under normal working conditions, short press C/F (-) keys can be switched between degrees Fahrenheit and centigrade.

Under normal working conditions, long press the SET key for five seconds to enter the main menu settings, press SET (+), C/F (-), you can select the P1-P8 mode, confirm the mode, while holding down SET (+), C/F (-) into the mode setting parameters. At this time the digital flash, and then through the SET (+), C/F (-) button to adjust the parameters of the size of three seconds after the automatic save and exit. Set complete.
Temperature difference

Explain  Range
Factory settings
P0  Heating/cooling
 H/C C
P1 Temperature difference 0.1-30 2
 Set limit maximum temperature
 Set maximum temperature limit -50
Temperature correction
Delayed start  0-10 0
 High temperature alarm  -50-110 OFF
Restore factory setting ON-OFF OFF 


Package Included:

1 x Chiller


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