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"Breeder BOX" Aquarium Reef Acclimation Acrylic Clownfish breeding quarantine

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    SP(special purpose)

This list is for ReefingART SP (special purpose) Black acrylic Breeder box.

If you are interested in the clear / white version, please check out our items for sale.

2 options available:

Large 16"x 8"x 8" suction cup       for any aquarium & 2 Breeding Pair

Large 16"x 8"x 8" acrylic hanger   for rimless aquarium only & 2 Breeding Pair

The Black display box is specially designed and produced for those who is interested in fish breeding. Hobby breeders may not have the space or time to set up a speical breeding system for broodstock pairs, now you can keep your broodstock fish in the display tank while they can have their own room to breed.

Removable divider, make the breeder box suitable for a good variety of fish. When you have smaller fish, they can be separated into their own chambers. When you have larger fish, simply remove the divider and the large fish will have enough room to swim around.

This breeder box is best for clownfish breeding or other types of freshwater/marine fish who live in pairs.

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Video of the product in use: ReefingArt Product

We are now providing the best acclimation box for aquarium hobbyists. All our products are laser cutted with high quality 3mm acrylic gives the product very smooth and accurate surface. More than  20 different options available from 4in to 16in, whether you have small guppy or large saltwater angelfish. There will be an option fits your needs.

- New Design for easy 10 mins assembly.

- Extended 2mm holes allow more water flow for your fish.

- Heavy Duty suction cup, each holds up to 10 pounds.

- Acrylic Hanger option for rimless tank up to 3/4inch thick, providing the best view side.

- New lid design comes with lock and feeding window.

ReefingArt provide 2 years limited warranty for the product, 1 year warranty for suction cup.

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