German Wwi Tanks

ww1 ww2 TANKS COMBAT PANZER MOTORized WEAPONS M.G. TYPE's 6-16 mm 30mm 12,7 mm

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    Military & War
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    Softcover, Wraps
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    1st Edition
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    ww1 ww2
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From my personal collection, I sell

a important, original and rare document to understand the military equipments of the twentieth century.

This book is special to collectors and experts in military Tanks with M.G. equipement used of World War II.

This book does not appeal to ideology or politics, only discloses the military history. To purchase this original book you know that only intended for use to knowledge of modern military history.


See the details:

German (Espionage) Technical book id show M.G. Machine Guns type's, Automatic Pistol's used in PANZER's/Tanks and infantry motorized transport vehicles by allies army´s

M.G. 2 cm System Oerlikon

M.G. 5 mm

M.G. 7,6 mm

M.G. 11 mm

M.G. 12,7 mm

M.G. 16 mm

M.G. 30 mm

Anti-Tank 4,7mm

Kanone 3,7 cm

Kanone 4,7 cm

Kanone 5,7 cm

Kanone 7,5 cm

Kanone 7,6 cm

Kanone 15,5 cm

The book have 68 pages 

German original 1935 edition
4,30 x 6,65 inches = 11 x 17 cm


This objetc/item is about subjects of military history of the modern world times. It is an educational, special book for students of this issue and experts in knowledge of the history of military equipment of the past. Not for misuse of purpose and that is unauthorized or against the laws that are applicable and are be effective in each country.

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  6. The guarantee is expressly excluded and removed. This information has nothing to do with the state of condition and quality of the item.

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