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Price Includes 2 COMPLETE Setups w/ Advance Filtration: 150 & 75 Gallon Aquarium

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    Complete Aquarium Setup
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    Rectangle (Standard)
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  • Tank Capacity:
    150 gal.
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  • Tank Width:
    7 ft

Asking price is for ALL items listed in this sale INCLUDING exotic goldfish (Combined Value $3000+). 

All items can be sold separate or ALL in 1 purchase. Larger discount will be given when purchasing multiple items and price is most negotiable when purchasing ALL in 1 purchase. When making an offer for specific item(s) please indicate item(s) you are making offer on. 

Additional photos and videos available per request. 

All items are for pick up only. Delivery may be available depending on location for additional cost.

Aquarium Set 1:

1) 150 Gallon glass aquarium w/ stand, hood and glass lids: NO leaks, NO cracks. Pre-drilled with 2 overflow box's and has TRIPLE filtration for crystal clear water. Back of tank and stand/hood have been painted black. Visible scratch on outside of glass but can be easily buffed out since scratch is not deep. Additional Items Included in Set:

2) Megaflow Sump Filtration Model 4: ($565 Value) For aquariums up to 210 gallons and includes lid, piping and media. Filters water from 2 pre-drilled overflow boxes.

3) Pond master Magnetic Drive Pump 950gph ($96 Value): Used to pump water into water crystallizer (Item # 4), then through UV light (item #5) and then back into aquarium. 

4) Ocean Clear Canister Filter ($178 Value): Used to filter water for 2nd time before filtering through UV light (item # 5) and then back into aquarium.

5) Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Clarifier 2" Inlet/Outlet ($196 Value): Used to filter out unwanted bacteria. Bulb just replaced 1 month ago.

6) Fluval FX5 Canister Filter ($350 Value): Used to filter water for 3rd time directly to and from tank

Aquarium Set 2:

1) 75 Gallon Glass Aquarium w/ Stand: NO Leaks, NO cracks. Pre-drilled with 1 overflow box. Back in painted black and glass is in great condition. Additional Items Included in Set:

2) Proclear Aquatics Premier 125 Wet Dry Filter ($230 Value): Filters water from overflow box. 

3) Water Pump 160-1800gph ($84 Value): Pumps water from sump back into tank. 

3) Canister Filter + UV Sterilizer ($80 Value): Used to filter water for 2nd time

Miscellaneous Items ($800 + Value):

-Filter media

-Heaters (3)

-Large Black Aquarium Stones, Decor & Plants

-Large Buddha Statue

-Air Pumps (4) and Aerators (5)

-LED Lights (3)

-Magnetic Glass Cleaner 

-Prime Water Conditioner, Chemicals, Testers

-Faucet Adapter-sink Hose (used for removing/adding water from tank directly to sink. Can remove 3/4 water and refill within 1 hour)

-Soilent Green Fish Food (preferred by goldfish breeder)

Fish For Sale ($600 Value):

1) Sakura Broadtail 6.5+ inches in length: Collector and Show Quality Goldfish

2) Red/White Ryukin 6+ inches in length: Collector and Show Quality Goldfish

3) White/Red Ryukin 6+ inches in length: Collector and Show Quality Goldfish

4) Tricolor Oranda 4+: Collector and Show Quality Goldfish

5) Fancy Goldfish (2)

6) White/Red Comet

7) Pleco

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