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From my private collection, i sell

A important, original and rare book to understand the military iconography of the twentieth century.

This book is special to collectors and experts in Gernan Army Artillery, Uniforms and equipment in World War 1.

This book does not appeal to ideeolgies or politics, only discloses the military history. To purchase this original document you know that only intended for use to knowledge of modern history

See the details: 

German Bayern Army Tanks used in WW1 + 1 photo (Copy)

Technical Book (New), about:

Waffen Bayerish Armee - 129 of technics B&W / Color drawings / Pics

  • Panzer/Tanks/A7V Panzerwagen
  • Field/Foot field artillery guns and equipment
  • M.G 08/15
  • M.G. 08 Maxime, German Version
  • "Mephisto" and others
  • Leichten Minenwerfers (L.M.W.), spater L. M. W. a/A.
  • Minenwerfers Mauser
  • Minenwerfers Lanz
  • Granaten Werfer System Ehrdardt
  • Granaten Werfer 15
  • Granaten Werfer 16 - "Priestwerfer"
  • Granaten Werfer 17
  • Granaten Schellwerfer (Gr. Sch. W.)
  • Landungswerfer (System Ehrhardt g. I. L. W.
  • 10,5 cm-Luft-Minenwerfern / Minenwerfer L.
  • 15 cm-Luft-Minenwerfern / Minenwerfer L.
  • 8 cm-Luft-Minenwerfern / Minenwerfer M 15 (System Roka-Halasz).
  • Mittler Werfer / Mittler Minenwerfer (m. M. W.)
  • der Glatte Mittler Minenwerfer
  • Mittler Minenwerfer 12 / 13 / 15 / 16 (m. M. W. 16, n/A)
  • Mittler Minenwerfer 16a. /b.
  • Glatte Mittler Minenwerfer Heidenheim
  • Mittlerer Ladungserfer
  • Schwerer Minenwefer 16 a., s M. W. 16a.
  • Schwerer Flugelminenwefer (s.Fl. M. W.)
  • IKO Flugelminenwefer 
  • Albrecht Flugelminenwefer Modell 17
  • Albrecht Morser Kal. 25 cm
  • Schwerer Ladungserfer (System Ehrhardt)
  • Handgranaten - Kugelhandgranaten 13 / 14 /15
  • Eierhandgranaten / Bz.
  • Stielhandgranaten / Bz.
  • Stielhandgranaten 15 Az.
  • Gaswerfer
  • Granates Ammunitions
  • Diskushandgranaten / 13 / 15 Az.
  • Schirmhandgranaten
  • Hand - Nebelbombe / 
  • B-Stoff - Handbombe
  • Gewehrgranaten / Gewehrgranate 1913 / 1914 / 17
  • Schiessgestell 1913 / 1915
  • Schrapnellminen
  • Kartasch-Minen
  • Tretminen
  • Flammenwefer / Tragbare, leicht, Kleine "Kleif" / "Grof" / "Wef"
  • Flammenbombem, Flammenkugeln
  • Giftgas
  • Caliber 75,85 mm / 75,60 mm / 91,5 mm / 
  • Lafette
  • Ammunitions
  • Trenches
  • PanzerBunkers 
  • Defense trench
  • Ballistic Data
  • + 1 PC (sepia copy) photo show A7V Tank - 5,75 x 4,10 inches = 14,6 x 10,5 cm
140 pages in German Letter, 2016 edition
Book measures: 8,5 x 12 inches = 21,5 cm x 30,5 cm 
All my items are shipping with tracking number, a safe value included in case of loss, and resistant packaging.

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  1. This auction is for the article described. In the market of new and used items may exist similar articles for sale, with different prices of this offer. These are the principles of free market, but are not meant to ask for a refund.
  2. This auction is a private sale. Under conferred by legislation, the object of this auction is not covered by warranty. 
  3. The exclusion of warranty on the object on sale in this auction is contractual and concerns the business, not about the historical value of the piece, which remains, of the intrinsic qualities, characteristics, or the description of the item on sale.
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  5. The information for this article were taken by myself honestly to the best of my knowledge. 
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Schlüsselwörter: Weltkrieg, 1.WK, deutschen Kaisers Armee, Zeppelin, Flugzeuge, Luftwaffe, German Officer, Krieg Flaggen, Maschinengewehre, Burg, Festung, Siege, Uniformen in Farbe, Französisch Armee, Mützen, Helme, Tschako, Ulanen, Dragons , Schwerter, Escrime, Dekorationen, Eisernes Kreuz, Badges, Bataillon, Krieg Pferde, Artillerie Trains, Amunitions, Ballistic, Blue Coat, Rot Hose, Reitstiefel, Soldat, Generäle, Officcer, Feld-Artillerie-Geschütze, Kanonen, Kompass , Flieger, Flugzeuge, Kavallerie, Infanterie, Artillerie, Bahnkanonen

КЛЮЧЕВЫЕ СЛОВА: Большая война, WW1, германский кайзер армии, Zeppelin, самолеты, ВВС, немецкий офицер, войны Флаги, пулеметы, замок, крепость, Siege, Униформа в цвете, французская армия, шапки, шлемы, кивер, Ulans, Драконы , мечи, Escrime, украшения, Железный крест, жетоны, батальон, война Лошади, артиллерийские Поезда, Amunitions, баллистических, Blue Coat, Красный трусы, Сапоги для верховой езды, Солдат, генералы, Officcer, поле-артиллерийских орудий, пушек, Компас, Авиаторов, Самолеты, кавалерия, пехоты, артиллерии, Железнодорожные пушки

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