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DISCLAIMER: Markings and insignia portrait on this model is only representation of the World War II historical fact and references as a aerial identification signal flag , which should not represent our view and support to any past and present groups / parties that might be condemned by the public. It is not intended to promote any political theories, views or military doctrine of any parties. And we are in no affiliation with any groups or parties.

Up for sale is one of my detailed custom 1/16 German Panzer IV Ausf.F2 Afrikakorps radio control tanks which I finished recently. The version represents the WWII battles in El Alamein North Africa in 1942.  The paint scheme was finished in a coat of sand yellow over the dark gray base.  Due to the extreme weathering in the desert and the non-factory paint job at that time, the surface yellow sand paint was prone to be worn off to reveal the under paint. Sand bags, extra water jerry cans and track for armor protection were often added on  tanks - these are all captured on thi smodel here. You can expect a tremendous amount of details added to the conversion.  A customed Afrikakorps tank commander figure is also included.  In summary, the tank is customized with following features:

Added extra track armors

Added sand bags at the front of tank (resin made)

Rebuilt F2 type rounded muzzle brake  

Rebuilt front fenders in brass with hinge details  

Rebuilt cleaning rods with locking parts 

Rebuilt turret view ports (both sides);

Rebuilt turret gun manlet

Brass Aber front MG34 machine gun 

All welding  joints re-created

Added cast metal body texture all over

Added water marks, fine and large scratch marks 

Added authentic details for lifting jack fastener devices with locking details

Modified hatches with authentic handles and locking devices

Added all seamline welding joints on overall body between different parts bodies

Added Aber 1/16 photo-etched tool clips and clamps

Added handle and locking details on loader hatch

Rebuilt pivoting antenna and holder

Rebuilt the turret stowage bin and added a aerial identifying flag cover 

Added wood block holder in metal

Added brass metal antenna

Rebuilt fire extinguisher with brass details and authentic label

Added taupe and tool box

Rebuilt tow cable shackle and locking pin with chain (front and rear)

Added tow cable in stowing position

Chipping effect on body paint on heavily worn out areas

Added spare wheel hangers (both sides)

Added water jerry cans and holder

Dark and lighter colors (WASH EFFECT) are used to accent all panel lines, shadows and raised details

Battle fine and large scratches/ chips, light rusting effect/ water mark are recreated throughout the tank body and fenders by use of paint pigments

German military markings are all hand painted for realism

Wheels and under hull with added muddy, sand and earth effect, engine oils marks at engine areas

Realistic wood finish on tool handles are recreated

Lightly rusted, muddy and metalic effect on real metal tracks

All these professional modification works took hours of patience and hard work. This  is one of a kind customized collectible model for WWII and tank fans, and will surely be a great item for display as well as for action play (be careful with the little added parts as they are rather fragile). I have previously produced numbers of German, Russia and US tanks in 1/16 scale, you can check them out here:See my Custom 1/16 Tanks. Please also see my other tank and figure auctions on ebay. This tank is already built and can be shipped once payment is made. I know the price is not cheap, please bid with confidence as I have sold quite a number of 1/16 custom tanks on ebay and on my website, and they are all highly praised by the buyers in every transaction.

The model tank is fully radio control operational and is ready to run. It features realistic engine starting and running sounds, cannon firing sound and recoil pull back action, machine gun sound,  Turret can be controlled to pivot up and down.  All wheels are independently suspended. It also comes with 7.2V rechargeable battery pack, remote control unit and English instruction manual. The length of tank measures about 13 inches. The tank will be carefully packaged with added styro foam reinforced protection for shipment

panzer-iv-f2-tank-hero13_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-hero12_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-hero1_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-hero3_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-hero9_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-hero10_1_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-hero14_1.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-rear1_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-rear4_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-rear5_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-side2_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank1_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank19_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank20_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank21_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank25_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup2_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup3_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup4_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup3_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup6_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup7_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup10_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup12_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup12_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup13_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup14_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup15_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup17_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup18_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup19_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup20_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup21_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup22_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup23_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup24_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup25_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup26_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup27_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup28_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup29_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup31_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup32_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup33_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup34_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup35_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup36_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup38_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup40_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup41_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup42_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup45_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup50_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup52_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup45_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup55_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup56_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup57_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup58_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup60_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup70_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-tank-closeup69_orig.jpgpanzer-iv-f2-making-6_orig.jpgFree shipping to US by Expedited Parcel. Other countries please email me for shipping information. Local pickup is available for Canadian buyer in the area. Winner should make contact within 3 days after auction ends. Unpaid winners might be left with negative feedbacks. Bidder with less than 1 postive feedback please do not bid. Payment made by Paypal is preferred for fast shipment of item once payment is confirmed. Watch in Youtube

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