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Claisse "The Bee" TheBee Electric Fluxer XRF Sample Prep Fusion System

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    The Bee

Claisse "The Bee" Electric Fluxer XRF Sample Prep System
  • Claisse TheBee Electric Fluxer
  • Laptop computer and software
  • Extra crucible holders
  • Extra crucible clips
  • Custom travel case

Condition:  Very nice, very clean condition 
Functionality:  Powers up, homes, shows error 951 "security cabinet opened"
• Glass disks for XRF analysis
• Solutions for AA and ICP analysis

• Oxides
• Cement, Lime, Carbonates,
Ceramics, Glass, Slag
• Mining, Geological, Silica, Silicates, Clay, Ores
• Sulfides, Fluorides
• Bauxites, Alumina
• Catalysts, Polymers, Pigments
• Pure metals, Ferroalloys, Non-Ferrous alloys
• Pharmaceutical samples

• Plug and play instrument
• Precise control of low and high fusion temperatures
• No water cooling, No compressed air operation system
• Low maintenance costs
• Easy to service
• High temperature capability (1200o C)
• Highest performance, even on difficult samples

High precision
  • Crucible is rotated while incline
    • Efficient agitation and superior homogenization of the melt, in less time
  • Powerful
  • High temperature capability (1200o C)
    • Allows fusion of high refractory materials
    • Prepares glass disks from 30 mm to 40 mm in diameter
  • Accurate and precise control of high and low fusion temperatures
    • Retention of volatile elements
    • Superior reproducibility of the analysis
    • Efficient oxidation for reduced elements
    • Highest performance, even on difficult samples
  • No cover for crucibles and molds 
    • No contamination during the fusion process
  • All the fusion parameters can be modified: temperature, mixing speed and amplitude, function times, cooling air flow of fusion techniques
    • Flexible
    • Efficient development and optimization
  • Graphic interface - Keypad operation
  • 10 independent pre-loaded programs
    • Create, store and recalls methods, notes and detailed sample information
  • Can be operated by a computer
  • Easy to use software
  • Internet and local network link
    • Remote access for programming and monitoring
    • Unlimited number of programs
    • Robotics ready
  • Fully automatic one button operation
    • Operates without supervision
  • Elegant design
  • Clip-on/Clip-off crucible heating element
    • Easy loading of crucibles, molds and beakers
    • Easy switch from disks to solutions
Low cost of ownership
  • Very competitive price
  • Built sturdy & Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to service
    • Low initial cost
    • Economical
  • No water cooling system required
  • No compressed air required for operation
  • Compatible with all low tension electrical systems
    • Utility free
    • Low cost of operation
  • Bench top size
    • Takes up less space in the laboratory
SpecificationsElectrical: 208/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: Approx. 48 x 56 x 56 cm (19”x22”x22”)
Weight: Approx. 56 kg (125 lb.)

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