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The patented X-Calibur Is The  Finest Configured And Most Versatile Swing Arm Attachment. I Am Not Schooled In Engineering My Discovery was Simple Blind Luck. Like falling into a mud puddle and discovering a diamond in your hand. The X-Calibur is a swing arm attachment that transforms any regular skateboard into a An X-Calibur Full Fun, Full Transportation or Full Race Skateboard and it is the approved full race skateboard in Powered Skateboard Racing League. To be able to turn any skateboard into a racing skateboard like the X-Calibur means the average passionate Skater can upgrade his skateboard join our league and possibly become just as famous as Tony Hawk only with the prestige of racing backing him up. it is time to introduce to the world  a brand new sport and a brand new discipline A sport like no other. Where ballet meets pro football surfing and gymnastics and rolls them all into the most exciting form of racing you have ever seen. The X-Calibur Powered Full Race Skateboard with Fifth Wheel Gyro Stabilization built in by the over sized power wheel which delivers stability to the back (REAR Trucks) (Fifth Wheel) (Power Wheel). It is from this gyroscopic action which stabilizes the ride as the power wheel accelerates the faster it goes the more stable the rear trux all but eliminating the high speed wobbles. The faster you go the greater the stability. The oversize rear tire enables greater speed, range and both in deceleration and accelerationSimply the fastest designed skateboards and on their way to Olympic Gold also the only improved racing skateboard of the NAPSR, National Association Of Powered Skateboard RaciNg  My name James Hawkins I  am the owner and Patent Holder On the PATENT X-Calibur Design Patent ##8061725 USPTO.Com

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