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Who are We?

We may be new to selling on eBay commercially, but not to the heating industries. 

Our experience with the Infrared and Radiant heating industry began in 1997. 

When the opportunity arose in 2005, we established our own company, Heating Revolution. 

Recently we merged our sister company, NorthPoint Energy with Heating Revolution.  

Heating Revolution is a leading distributor of energy efficient, maintenance-free, Infrared and Radiant heating products. 

We sell only the best heating solutions that provide true Infrared and Radiant comfort for you.

Heating Revolution 

ThermaZone Black Body Infrared Yoga Heaters by BBC Industries

The Black Body Electric Infrared Yoga Heater is a work horse! 

Manufactured in the US for 45 years by a reputable company, it's not just an excellent electric Infrared heater for Hot Yoga

but also for primary heat, supplemental heat, and hard-to-heat areas! Perfect for commercial and residential use.

The patented Black Body® emitter converts almost all of the energy used into a clean, even heat across the entire face of the element, with a durability surpassing anything comparable in the industry. The heater includes a patented stainless steel grid located on the heater face, which protects the element from swinging parts, maintains even element surface temperature, and straightens and redirects infrared waves. 

Black Body Heaters provide true Infrared heat with no blowing air and no parts to clean or replace. 

Just healthy, clean, silent, comfortable heat. 

Product Description: This unit is 24" x 12" x 5.5". 3239 watts, 208/240v, 11.7/13.5 amps, single phase, black.  

Please note: Other wattages are available that may not be listed on ebay. If interested, please call or email. 

* A thermostat is not included with this heater. 

Why Hot Yoga?

   Enhance muscle endurance
   Reduce muscle stiffness
   Provide greater range of movement
    Decrease inflammations 

       Additional benefits   
                                                                                         Increased peripheral circulation                                                                   
   Enhanced heart function
  Lowered blood pressure
  Reduced stress
   Detoxification through sweating

  Why Infrared?  
Safe and clean - no dust, dirt or air contaminants
Silent - no fans or blowers, easy to hear the instructor
Raises the room temperature in minutes
Easy and inexpensive to install
Maintenance Free - no parts to clean or replace

Long life - UL Listed

What is Infrared Heat?
Infrared heat is a completely different and more energy-efficient technology than the old forced-air idea. In simple terms, Infrared is basically a man-made, or mechanical, version of the sun (excluding the one UV ray that can damage the skin). Just as the sun heats anything with mass, Infrared does the same, heating objects, surfaces and people. As the objects and surfaces become warm, the air is then secondarily heated and the entire room stays warm and comfortable.   

How Does It Work?

  Infrared heats anything with a sufficient amount of mass, (furniture, floors, vehicles, machinery, tools, people, etc.). It provides and keeps warmth and comfort at the lower level of the room or area where it should be, offering the greatest benefit without affecting humidity. Once mass is heated, it retains that heat for a long period of time. 

When "heating" with forced-air, it must be done over and over again since warm air rises quickly and offers little benefit. It is very inefficient, providing little comfort for short periods of time. Remember how hot it was at the ceiling the last time you changed a light bulb? That's all of your energy and money up there, offering no benefit whatsoever.  

                                                                           How Many Do I Need and What Size?

All Yoga Studios are unique and need to be designed as such. If you can provide us with an email address, we can send you our Design Information Form for you to fill in and return. We will then provide you with a Free Layout and proposal. 


 A simple Timer or an On/Off Switch is the least expensive and most typical method of controlling the heaters.

These are provided by the installing electrician. 


Mounting is simple and convenient much like installing a light fixture. 

Manufacturer's Installation Instructions are included with each heater. 


Please read these installation specifics: 



The ceiling must be insulated to achieve optimal energy savings.  Insulating the side walls is a definite added benefit.

The heater brackets must be screwed into a solid surface such as a stud or a joist or by using an appropriate size anchor                         that will support the weight of the heater. 

The heaters come equipped with a 20” whip and are hard wired to a junction box. 

Thermostat must not be placed in direct path of the heaters. 

* A thermostat is not included with this heater. 



Thermazone Black Body Heaters have a 3-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Warranty does not apply to damage from accidents, misuse, or alteration, nor where connected to voltage above the nameplate voltage, nor to equipment improperly installed or wired or maintained in violation of the instruction manual. Warranty applies only to the fifty states of the United States. 

Returns within the Warranty Period

All returns must have a Return Authorization from the factory. The buyer should contact Heating Revolution if issues arise with the heater. If HR believes the problem could be a manufacturer's defect only, HR will contact the factory to obtain a Return Authorization number. Please note that it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for any heaters being shipped back to the factory, unless after review the manufacturer determines they will pay for the return shipping charges. The factory will have the discretion of either repairing the heater at their expense or replacing it. Shipping back to the customer will be paid for by the factory. 

Shipping and Payment

Please allow 5 - 7 business days for shipping date. Units are shipped directly from the factory. 

Buyer to pay shipping of $45.95. There will be a combined shipping rate when purchasing more than 1 unit. Shipping to the contiguous 48 states only. No international shipping. Item will be shipped via UPS Ground. After payment has cleared, delivery is typically 5-7 business days, not including weekends or holidays. We are happy to combine shipping for multiple items; pricing will be determined by the weight and size of the combined items.

Please pay through Paypal. 

General Returns

The buyer should contact Heating Revolution. All returns must have a Return Authorization from the factory. HR will contact the factory to obtain a Return Authorization number. Please note that it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for return shipping. If the heater is not in a condition where it can be resold as new, then the factory will charge a restocking fee which will be equal to parts/labor required to get the unit back to brand new, saleable condition. 


Black Body Infrared Heaters for Other Applications 


  • Maintenance free and long life - depending on climate and use, typical life is 15 - 25 yrs.

  • 40% - 50% more efficient than forced air or electric resistance heaters. 90% of all energy is converted to useful heat

  • Non-combustible electric unit. No worries about flames or noxious gases. No venting required.

  • Heats objects, surfaces and people. 

  • Silent and motionless - no blowing air, thus no dust, dirt or air contaminants

  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than forced-air and electric unit heaters

  • For snow climates > With a properly insulated garage - dry, warm floors; no puddles from melted snow. With moisture removed, salt becomes inactive, saving concrete floors from pitting  and vehicles from rusting..

  • Controlled by an in-line thermostat; (an optional on/off switch, or a timer, can be utilized in certain applications.).

  • Pre-assembled for easy installation on ceiling or side walls.

  • New or existing construction. 

  • UL listed. Proudly Made in the USA for 45 years.

  • Available in 12", 24" and 48" lengths, 120V - 240V - 480V, various wattages. 


Excellent for:

   Residential >

  • Garages, Shops, Storage Areas, Patios
    Commercial >
  • Warehouse - Maintenance - Manufacturing - Assembly - Printing

    Auto/Body/Paint Shops - Woodworking - Machine Shops

    Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants - Small Aircraft Hangars

    Animal Kennels - Agricultural

    Loading Docks - Inside Dock Prep Areas

    Outdoor Patios / Dining Areas - Open Air Sports Boxes

    Martial Arts Studios - Exercise Studios

    "Hard to Heat - High Heat Loss" areas

    Any areas that need to be kept above freezing


We are a distributor of Infrared and Radiant heaters. Always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for the proper installation of the products or systems shown in these listings.

We also sell other Infrared and Radiant heating products and Snow and Ice Melt Systems.  

                    If you have any questions, please send us an eBay message. We are more than happy to help!

Heating Revolution  

                                                                              Thank you for visiting.


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