The Electric Universe

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The Electric Universe Theory Does Electricity Rule the Solar System [FULL VIDEO]

The Electric Universe theory highlights the importance of electricity throughout the Universe.

The Electric Universe Theory 2016

A lifelong investigation of "The Electric Universe" offers a revolutionary view of solar system history, the nature of the Sun, the behavior of comets, and stellar and .

Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

info/wp/2017/01/22/eu2017-homepage-2/ Here, we present the full. The EU2017 Conference: Future Science -- Aug 17 - 20, Phoenix: https://www.

Wallace Thornhill: The Elegant Simplicity of the Electric Universe | EU2016

This keynote address is posted with improved audio at the following URL: https://www.

iceland 2010 borgarfjörður theearth laugaland
The Earth
Gróðurhúsin á Laugalandi eru um 3600 fermetrar. Jarðhiti er á svæðinu og er notast við eigin vatnsveitu og hita gróðurhúsin upp með vatni frá hvernum. Gróðurhúsin eru raflýst og gúrkurnar ræktaðar árið um kring.
Photo by Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi on Flickr
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NASA Earth's Light
Credit Data courtesy Marc Imhoff of NASA GSFC and Christopher Elvidge of NOAA NGDC. Image by Craig Mayhew and Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC. This image of Earth’s city lights was created with data from the Defense...
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr
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"Hand on the Universe" detail III
Sculpture by Jim Manning and Patrick Leonard (
Photo by dannynavarrophoto on Flickr


Electric Universe theory

The Electric Universe. The Electric Universe theory highlights the importance of electricity throughout the Universe. It is based on the recognition of existing ...

Electric Universe

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Electric Universe (album) - Wikipedia

Electric Universe; Studio album by Earth, Wind & Fire; Released: November 4, 1983: Recorded: 1983: Genre: Funk, Rock, Electronic: Length: 35:40: Label: Columbia: Producer | The Electric Universe | A sound ...

Rupert Sheldrake on The Electric Universe… Here at we now have our own The Electric Universe on YouTube! First up is Rupert Sheldrake on The ...

Welcome to the Electric Universe!

Physics knows four forces; 20th-century scientists were convinced that one of those, the electric force, played no macroscopic role in the Universe; site explains why ...