Electric Therapy

What is an Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS)?

Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) is a popular physical therapy device and Dr. David Allan demonstrates how it is used and explains how it works.

Why are we still using electroconvulsive therapy?

Why are we still using electroconvulsive therapy. Why are we still using electroconvulsive therapy.

Return To Oz 1985 ~ Electric Shock Treatment ~ Clip

Fandom:OZ Song: Book:Return To Oz Movie:Return To Oz.

Cupping Therapy - Electric Shock Pads In Pants - Trying Life Hacks | TC #143

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electric shock therapy on face

All the muscles in my face tightened ip and my jaw would clamp shut. All my movements in this video were unintentional and i was not crying.

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Randall administers his electric therapy
At the All Worlds Fair in the Old San Francisco Mint. You can read my writeup here: www.certainly-strange.com/?p=237
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