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Electric powered glider at Inch Beach, Ireland.

Glider pilots come to Inch annually around the end of September to take advantage of the fine beach for takeoff and landing and the prevailing winds.

On the Up: Electric Gliders | Made in Germany

But what about planes. The future supposedly belongs to e-cars.

Silent 2 Electro: Promotion video of electric powered gliding in an innovative glider

Batterien rein und los. Unsere Silent 2 Electro spektakulär in Szene gesetzt von den Profis von Aerial Perspective (www.

Pipistrel Taurus Self Launch Glider, A closer look.

For more information on aircraft, click http://www. ca Technical specifications can be found here http://www.

Electric Powered Millennium Hang Glider

Twin electric motors from Hobby King power my hang glider for quiet vibration free soaring.

electric glider
Electric warmliner build
Not very F3A I know, but I need something to fly in the park when there's too much wind for the Mini Leader. I know I'm mad but I'm gonna scratchbuild this one and enjoy doing it. Mega 22/30 motor and Kontronik Pix...
Photo by aerowold on Flickr
Saab MERA 01 (Windex 1200C)
The MERA is the More Electric Research Aircraft and as it's name suggests, it is electric powered. The basic airframe is a Windex 1200C glider built by Windexair in Sweden. On static display at the 2012 Malmen...
Photo by Hawkeye UK on Flickr
plane flying model modellflug
Easy Glider Electric
How it all began
Photo by gruetter on Flickr


EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider

EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider Blog. ... In Part 2 of this article, we talked about the starting carburetor (choke) system.

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Nissan electric vehicles - Wikipedia

The Nissan Altra was an electric car produced by Nissan Motors between 1998 and 2002. The Nissan Altra was introduced at the LA Auto Show on 29 December 1997.

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Zigolo electric powered ultralight motor glider. - YouTube

http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com - Zigolo electric powered ultralight motor glider. I didn't see this one coming. Maybe you didn't either? In the new ...