Biddeford Electric Blanket Controller Replacement

T3: Nonfunctional Heating Blanket Teardown & Repair

Creative Content Engineer Sarah tears down a non-functional heating blanket to see what's inside and if she can fix it. https://www.

Where do I get a new controller for my Electric Blanket

Watch this video for the manufacturer's telephone number for your electric blanket controller, heated mattress pad control, Perfect Fit Industries, Biddeford .

A WARNING to potential purchasers of Sunbeam Safe & Sound Electric Blankets

DO NOT PURCHASE a Sunbeam Safe & Sound Electric Blanket until you have watched this video.

How to fix an electric blanket control switch

Loose connection of the switch.

Electric Switch Blanket

Trouble Shooting Saving you Money.


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Biddeford Blankets

ANALOG ELECTRIC BLANKET. Analog 10 setting desktop controller, Therapeutic Warmth, 75% Acrylic / 25% Polyester, Energy Saving, Machine Washable , 5 Year Limited Warranty