Benchmark Electric

Benchmark Electric - Babysitter TV Spot

Power outages can be scary and they're always inconvenient.

Benchmark Electric Piano

This is a sound test of the best Electric Piano sounds available on the market among the most renowned plug-in (Keyscape, Kontakt 5, Sonic Couture) and the .

It's No Secret Fall Winter Version Benchmark Electric

Eliminate the risk of interruptions in electrical power.

BENCHMARK FR: Curtis "The Bull Grunt" Electrical Lineman Story

gl/lvJCzh Curtis Helms, otherwise known as the Bull Grunt gives us a candid look at. BENCHMARK FR presents the story of the people FR protects.

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A Benchmark
This one's from a park in an old neighbourhood of wooden houses. The metal rod painted red just this summer is planted on the base of an early 20th century electric transformer building. The benchmark is propably as...
Photo by jurtti on Flickr
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new dawn
Infinite Cosmos of Light and Life: Dark Energy and Black Holes Don’t Exist Much of 20th Century science has already been discredited, yet too much nonsense is still being taught. It’s time to examine a plethora of...
Photo by new 1lluminati on Flickr
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Focus on Imaging
Focus on Imaging 2009, Professional Imaging Supplies, pfd, Gary Walsh A couple of minutes before 10.00am on the morning of Sunday, January 14th, 1990, Mary Walker was getting ready to open her first exhibition, Focus...
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heat2power does not pretend to have the only system that regenerates exhaust energy. Other systems exist already and several more are currently under development.

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The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime has set a new benchmark for its efficiency, beating out numerous hybrid and all-electric rivals. According to the EPA, the plug-in Prius ...