Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering - Electrons, Charges, and Fields

I also discuss how capacitors work. This is a description of how electrons REALLY behave, and more important than that, how CHARGES work.

lecture 1 Basic Concepts of Electrical Engineering.

This video is on basic concepts of electrical engineering.

plane crash rocket supersonic x15 billdana wreakage michaeladams x153 inconel x15a3
She’s breaking up! She’s breakin—
I remember Steve Austin as the Six Million Dollar Man growing up. But it didn’t always go by the script. This wreckage is from the November 1967 crash of the X-15A-3 rocket plane that killed pilot Michael Adams and...
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robot arm mechanical engineering electrical microcontroller robotic arduino
#9 - Robot Junkbox
This is a bit of a rushed shot, I think the weekend pictures of Project 365 are definitely going to be my worst. Anyway, where you might see a pile of junk, I see potential! I had this robotic arm on my Amazon...
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mountains alps bike honda offroad motorbike repair motorcycle exhaust c70 ss50
This WAS a Honda C70
What you see here is a different expression of my art, the ability to design a motorcycle to fit my lifestyle. I know that it says Kawasaki on the tank - but it would seeing as how the tank came from a 1970s Kawasaki...
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Welcome To Exploring Electrical Engineering. Table of Contents (Reproduced in buttons 2 through 5 at the left. ... Basic Concepts Chapter; Electrical Elements Chapter;

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