Barts Electric

I Meant A Real Guitar (The Simpsons)

From season 3 episode 22: The Otto Show.

Bart just never learns

Guess who is smarter.

Bart gets an Electric Guitar

Shock Therapy - The Simpsons

From (Season 1 Episode 4) "There's No Disgrace Like Home" Homer takes his family to the company picnic at Mr. Burns's manor.

Touch My Body Challenge ft. Bart Kwan

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sf sign danger warning bart 3rdrail
Electric Third Rail Do Not Enter
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Photo by Kaeru on Flickr
anne bart metra
Metra Electric
When the train arrived, only one car was open, but the conductor immediately opened up a second car exclusively for us, so instead of stringing us out at two bikes per car as is the norm, we were able to all hang...
Photo by mindfrieze on Flickr


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BARTS, Barcelona Arts on Stage, es el espacio de las artes escénicas y de la música más plural y poliédrico de la Ciudad: Un espacio por soñar.

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