Airsoft Electric Guns

G36C Electric Airsoft Gun Review

My G36c airsoft gun Review, everything you want to know about the G36c airsoft gun is in this video.

Electric Pistol Airosft Station Unboxing Part 1

html Follow. com/glock-style-electric-airsoft-pistol-aep. Just part 1 of a two part unboxing of some awesome guns, check this one out here: http://www.

AEG Electric M82 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun with Robert-Andre

Electric powered by rechargeable battery pack, charger. Robert-Andre is unboxing the AEG Electric M82 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun.

BEST Beginner Airsoft Gun?! | Classic Army EC2 Review & Shooting Test!

BEST Beginner Airsoft Gun. | Classic Army EC2 Review & Shooting Test- Chrono/Accuracy/Damage Test.

Airsoft Elite Force M4 Carbine Review: Excellent Beginner Gun

Hey guys today I have some gameplay with the Elite Force M4 Carbine.


  • Airsoft Manual

    Adam Wilson. 2013. 169 pages.

    Do you want to dominate with real military & SWAT tactics? Do you want to choose the best gun for your play style? It is time to take your game to the next level; Airsoft Manual is the book that will make it happen. Gain an advantage in airsoft by becoming an expert. This guide will help even the advanced airsoft player refine their skills. After reading this book, any team can become unstoppable. Topics covered include: The Basics Safety Law Proper Application/Usage of Weapons Training Rules...

  • Xtreme Sport: The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Outdoor Sports

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2016. ISBN: 9781365041457,136504145X.

    Interestingly, unlike other sports, the only real way to practice for extreme sports is to basically do the same things, but without the competitive setting. Which means that a person has to expose himself to the same risks that he would while in an exhibition or competition. Practicing for an extreme sport means that you have to take the same measures to avoid muscle spasms, nausea, migraine headaches, knee pain, lower back pain, and whatnot that you would if there was a cash prize on the...

  • The Gun Book for Girls

    Down East Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781608934409,1608934403. 256 pages.

    This third installment in the popular series of practical books about guns and shooting is aimed at women of all ages—the fastest-growing segment of the sport—and it couldn’t come at a better time. America and firearms literally grew up together, but today guns are often simply linked to crime and violence; gun control has become a polarizing political issue; and misinformation about firearms is spreading. Now three experts have tackled the subject in a series of books that explores the...

  • The DV Rebel's Guide

    Pearson Education. 2006. ISBN: 9780132705196,0132705192. 360 pages.

    Written by Stu Maschwitz, co-founder of the Orphanage (the legendary guerrilla visual effects studio responsible for amazing and award-winning effects in such movies as Sin City, The Day After Tomorrow, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), this book is a must-have for all those budding filmmakers and students who want to produce action movies with visual effects but don't have Hollywood budgets. The Orphanage was created by three twenty-something visual effects veterans who wanted to...

  • Force-on-Force Police Training Using Airsoft 2008

    OUTSKIRTS PRESS. 2008. ISBN: 9781432726843,1432726846. 108 pages.

    "Airsoft technology fills the gap between static, square range based training and the reality of a dynamic armed confrontation. [This book] introduces police trainers to the how-to of using these weapons, the various types available, technical data, and offers sound advice on the safety aspects of reality-based training." -- Cover.

gun rifle rifles weapon guns usnavy m4 weapons m16 ar15 usairforce usarmy airsoft carbine m733 aeg specialops car15 usmarinecorp automaticelectricgun airsoftelectricgun ggarmament
A special M4 carbine for a Specialist.
This is my (airsoft) M4 carbine. I'm very pleased with it aesthetically. there are some minor flaws with the stock mechanics but all in all, I am very pleased with this AEG. I equipped it with a 552 holographic red...
Photo by tsuihin - TimoStudios on Flickr


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