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AC vs. DC

Electricity video #2. Explaining the difference between Direct Current and Alternating Current.

What is Alternating Current (AC)?

MathTutorDVD. com In this lesson, we will discuss what Alternating Current (AC) is and how it differs from DC current in a circuit.

The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC)

Have you always wondered if you shocked yourself with electricity, which type of electricity would hurt more: AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current).

How electricity works. . . . animated

How electricity works in buildings, including power, current, voltage, direct and alternating current, transformers, and the compelling stories of Tesla and Edison.

Alternating Current - A Level Physics

A description of AC electricity - its sine wave function, generation, power, root mean square, transformers, transmission and rectification.


  • DC and AC Electricity

    1993. ISBN: 0071137602,9780071137607. 390 pages.
  • Electricity 4: AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance

    Cengage Learning. 2013. ISBN: 9781285633015,1285633016. 372 pages.

    Updated to the 2011 National Electrical Code, ELECTRICITY 4: AC/DC MOTORS, CONTROLS, AND MAINTENANCE, 10e delivers practical coverage of the AC/DC motors, controls, and the maintenance portion of electrical theory content. It offers quick access to current information on DC motors, AC motors, motor control, electromechanical and solid-state relays and timers, synchronous motors, installation, sensyn units, motor maintenance, and more. Combining thorough explanations of how systems work with...

  • Basic Electricity

    Cengage Learning. 1992. ISBN: 0790610418,9780790610412. 736 pages.

    From a simplified explanation of the electronic to AC/DC machinery, alternators and other advanced topics, "Basic Electricity" is the complete course for mastering the fundamentals of electricity. The authors have provided a clear understanding of how electricity is produced, measured, controlled, and used. A minimum of mathematics is used for the direct explanations of primary cells, magnetism, Ohm's Law, capacitance, transformers, DC generators, AC motors, and other essential topics.

  • Transforming Electricity

    Routledge. 2013. ISBN: 9781134173907,1134173903. 218 pages.

    This text reassesses the basic premises that have guided electricity development for more than a century in the light of new understanding, pressures and opportunities. It investigates the changes already in progress and those that may yet follow; their interactions and their implications for policy. As the world pursues sustainable development, what might sustainable electricity mean, and how can it be achieved?

  • Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design

    CRC Press. 1996. ISBN: 082472609X,9780824726096. 536 pages.

    "Thermoplastics to Trays, Separation, Useful Capacity"

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Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang
永远的烂尾楼,平壤第一建筑 North Korea's "Secret" Hotel
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AC Electricity Bench
Taken at the Minnosota Science Museum: Experiment Gallery. Creative Commons licsensed photo by Please feel free to take and reuse for any purpose!
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AC Electricity - RV

Need help? Confusion over RV 50 amp electricity finally dispelled. Help with AC electricity.

AC circuits, alternating current electricity

Alternating current (AC) circuits explained using time and phasor animations. Impedance, phase relations, resonance and RMS quantities.

Electronics Tutorial #1 - Electricity - Voltage, Current ...

Visit my website for more Tips, Videos, DIY projects and more: ----- Click "Show more" ----- Basic / beginners Electronics ...

How much electricity does my AC consume? | Mapawatt

My recent post on lowering your energy consumption due to your Air Conditioning provided steps you could use to control your AC, but it didn't analyze how much energy ...

The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC) - YouTube

Have you always wondered if you shocked yourself with electricity, which type of electricity would hurt more: AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct ...