26 gallon Bowfront

Aqueon 26 gallon bow front aquarium

I had a couple of water problems in the beginning with bacteria blooms and murky water but got it all sorted somewhat.

Green Killing Machine Day by Day Progress - Aqueon 26 gallon bow front tank

Very happy with the results. Tried everything to clear up the water and this was recommended. Had a bad green algae bloom breakout.

Aqueon 26 Gallon Bowfront Aquarium

A few shots of my new 26 gallon Aqueon Bowfront Aquarium.

Aqueon 26 gallon bow front aquarium

The filter is a Marineland biowheel 200. This is my 26 gallon bouffant freshwater aquarium.

My 26 gallon bow front planted tank.

The CO2 is simple injected into the return of the Rena Filstar filter. This is my Marineland 26 gallon bow front planted tank with CO2 injection.


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