20 gallon Tall

Tank update/Restored 20 gallon tall

I transferred everything from my 16 gallon bowfront to the 20 gallon tall I restored.

20 gallon tall planted aquarium

This is one of my two current setups, It has been running about a year now. Low tech setup, no Co2 and fairly low lighting.

20 gallon tall nano reef

This is my 20 gallon tall nano reef tank.

20 gallon tall tropical fish tank

The fish I have are 5 flame tetras 1 lyretail molly 1 balloon molly 2 pearl gouramis 1 unkown.

20 gallon high planted tank progress

20 gallon high (24"x12"x16") This video shows the progress of my planted tank.

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Sid Haig Portrait
The veteran character actor and recent star of both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. Sid is soon to make a cameo in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake. This set appeared in Darkside, the UK's premiere horror...
San Diego, CA
Balboa Park Botanical Building - Staghorn Fern - Alfred D. Robinson (1867-1942), founder and president of the San Diego Floral Society, suggested the construction of a lath house as a feature of the Panama-California...
Photo by Herb@Victoria on Flickr
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Pont du Gard - River Gard - panoramic
This is the Pont du Gard, a famous Roman Aqueduct on the Gardon River in France. This monumental structure spanning the Gardon River valley is 275 metres long, 49 metres high, 6 metres wide at the base, 3 metres wide...
Photo by ell brown on Flickr


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Does this work for CYPERMETHRIN? (That is a 1 oz. per gallon ratio) Thanks! blw