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5 GALLONS - 20 QUARTS Isopropyl Alcohol 100% HIGH PURITY IMAX-PURE-100,IPA 99+%


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20 gallon high planted tank progress

20 gallon high (24"x12"x16") This video shows the progress of my planted tank.

Tank update/Restored 20 gallon tall

I transferred everything from my 16 gallon bowfront to the 20 gallon tall I restored.

Aquarium 20 Gallon High

Hardware: Eheim 2215 Aqueon Pro Heater 100W Tetra Whisper Pump 10G Current-USA Satellite LED + Substrate: Sublayer - 3 parts topsoil, 1 part peat moss, .

My 20 gallon high fish tank

My Black Neon Tetras, Pineapple Wag Swordtails, and Swordtail fry in my 20 gallon high.

Building a 20 Gallon High Aquarium Stand

We got a 20H aquarium at Goodwill and were trying to put together something for very little money.

fish aquarium tank led kit marineland biowheel
Marineland 20 Gallon High Aquarium
Bought this tank about six months ago. Still haven't set it up though.
Photo by Jay Shouldol on Flickr
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Photo by PhotosNormandie on Flickr
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Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr


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Tetra 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium Tetra) Glass Aquarium is built to last with scratch resistant glass. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

WellMate Fiberglass 20 Gallon Bladder Pressure Tank - WM-6

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