Aquarium Tank 29 Gallon

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Feb 15, 23:10 PST

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My 29 Gallon Aquarium

This video was very popular on my last channel which I had taken down a few months ago. Hello fellow YouTubers.

29 Gallon Aqueon Aquarium - Unboxing

I unbox my new 29 Gallon Aqueon Aquarium.

29 Gallon Freshwater Planted Aquarium Aquascaping & Setup (29G Aquascape Timelapse)

In this timelapse we are aquascaping and setting up our new 29 Gallon Planted Fish Tank in our living room.

Fish Tank Showcase: 29 gallon

In this video, you see what fish, plants, decor, and equipment are in my planted 29 gal.

29 Gallon, Planted Freshwater Community Fish Tank.

29 Gallon, Planted Freshwater Community Fish Tank.

aquarium tank background driftwood aquatic planted
29/365 Water Garden
There's still work to be done, but look! I have plants in my 15 gallon fish tank now! :)
Photo by Jellaluna on Flickr


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