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How to prepare wood for aquarium use

I am not responsible for any issues you encounter trying this method* *Read below* I have done this before and had zero issues with my wood or fish.

RELAX: Elos 120xl Aquarium Saltwater Reef Tank Log May 2015 NO ADS 1 hour

Another relaxing saltwater reef video for your optical senses.

Fish Tank Cam - Osaka Forest Tank log

com This tank. Underwater fish tank camera of The Osaka forest by www.

Three Striped Mud Turtle Aquarium Tank Cave Hideout Log

Infamous Secret to Preparing Driftwood for a Aquarium or Fish Tank Known How to Waterlog

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fish plant water real aquarium log lily tank head buddha fake floating fresh egyptian betta freshwater
Photo by Nickogibson on Flickr
fish aquarium fishtank catfish tropical tropicalfish pandacat communityfish pandacatfish
Panda Cat Fish on the top of our log ornament.
This fish is usually really shy. But with added d bronze cat fish to the tank, and he seems to have befriended him, and comes out a lot more :-)
Photo by JohnstonDJ on Flickr
fish apple aquarium golden tank african snail frog albino cichlid blockhead clawed juwel
sulking bogey
Changed the tank around, Bogey has lost his pot to Spike.He does however have the log, and the corys have to find somewhere else to hide, talk about Beastenders!
Photo by (: Rebecca-louise :) on Flickr


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