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EASY DIY AQUARIUM LIDS!! | Fishroom Life Hacks


DIY fish tank lid

One piece can make lids/covers for a few tanks.

how to: DIY sliding aquarium glass fish tank lids/tops

how to build your own DIY sliding glass lids for your aquarium.

HOW TO: Build an aquarium cover LID

com Follow me: http://facebook. com/uarujoey build an aquarium lid for your fish tank how to build an aquarium.

How to Make Sliding Glass Aquarium Lids

This week I show how I build some DIY glass tops for my row of six 10g tanks that sit sideways.

sea food fish macro nature water beautiful silver aquarium aqua tank close shot awesome
Fish tank2
EXPLORED - 12 Dec, 2008. Thank you Friends!! Fish tank at my friends house.
Photo by ~suchitra~ on Flickr
ocean california friends people men water beauty work aquarium bay coast monterey junk women day pieces tank natural salt wave coworkers plastic million persons 27 per exhibits pounds the plausible 2700000
Photomosaic of "The Wave" rendered in 2.7 million bits of plastic junk
This is a multi-panel photo (life size I'd guess) of the famous Japanese print rendered in 2,700,000 bits of plastic trash- the kind of thing found in the Pacific Gyre (sp?). The point being that 2,700,000 pounds of...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
thedeep aquarium hull crab
A crab. These were in a tank where you could open the lid and pick them out. I didn't - those claws looked a bit sharp.
Photo by Neil T on Flickr


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