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Japanese ‘Aquarium of Ice’ skating rink that frozen 5000 FISH underneath it

A Japanese skating rink that froze 5000 fish into the ice as an attraction for visitors has been forced to close after receiving a barrage of criticism, with one .

Ice Aquarium / Fish Tank

My ice aquarium.

Japanese skating rink causes uproar by freezing 5,000 dead fish in ice

Owners of a skating rink at Space World amusement park in Kitakyushu, Japan, came under fire for what they called an "Ice Aquarium".

Jellyfish Aquarium Kickstarter w Vanilla Ice

kickstarter. com/projects/jellyfishart/jellyfish-aquarium Our Kickstarter video for the easiest, most affordable jellyfish tank ever created.

The Hunt For Ice Fish

My good ole buddy sammy D and I hit some local quarries and ponds in search for winter fish lurking below the ice.

fish portugal choir aquarium tour lisbon ics
Lisbon Aquarium
Lisbon's aquarium is the second largest in the world apparently. It is absolutely terrific, thoroughly recommended. Vast central tank surrounded by fascinating outdoor 'locale' displays - from tropical to (real)...
Photo by Contadini on Flickr
snow ice water aquarium frozen tank lakemichigan sheddaquarium whaletank
Warm oasis
Photo by quinn.anya on Flickr
snow ice water aquarium frozen tank lakemichigan sheddaquarium whaletank
Water in and outdoors
Photo by quinn.anya on Flickr


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Great Lakes Aquarium

Beginning in the year 2000, experience over 30 interactive exhibits including glaciers, lava flows, current weather, environmental problem solving, and geology.

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