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240 gallon acrylic fish tank aquarium

THE AQUANEWB 240 acrylic aquarium review.

240 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium set-up Day 2

I am polishing the front panel by hand. A quick update on the 240 build.

240 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank For Sale

240 gallon clear for life tank 5'x30"x30" custom 36" tall flush stand laguna max flo 2900 pump rena air 400 pump aqua 15 watt uv unit 50 liters of k1 kaldness .

New Tank! 240 gallon acrylic tank

I traded the 180 for a 240. And I got the 240 gallon aquarium in the garage and am getting ready to set it up. It will be a north american native tank.

240 Gallon Acrylic Fish tank For Sale

just a video update of my parrot fishes, flagtail, datnoid, and pleco feeding my fishes are also for sale if anyone is interested.

aquarium acrylic seaclear 240gallons
Stand stripped.
Tank stand stripped of plywood skin. It looks to be structurally sound so I'll take it apart, clean it and rebuild it.
Photo by Moto@Club4AG on Flickr
aquarium acrylic seaclear 240gallons
Polished front pane
Most of the scratches and haze sanded, buffed and polished from the front pane. The aquarium is now ready for water testing. I didn't bother with side panes as it will be next to a wall and I intend to just grow...
Photo by Moto@Club4AG on Flickr


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