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SeaClear 20 Gallon High Combo (Petco), With Marineland Single Bright (Amazon)

Short video clip of my fairly new SeaClear 20 gallon high acrylic tank combo from Petco, with a Marineland single bright LED lighting system from Amazon .

20 Gallon Tank Set Up

Now the fish have lots of room and more places to explore.

New 20 Gallon SeaClear Freshwater Aquarium

Chili Rasboras Boraras Brigittae 20 gallon seaclear acrylic aquarium freshwater.

20 Gallon Long Zoanthid & LPS Reef - Pink Streaked Wrasse, Firefish, Clownfish

20 Gallon Long Reef - Zoanthid & LPS Tank Equipments consist of 20 Gallon Long Aqueon Tank, 20 Gallon Long sump with 4 acrylic baffles, Versa top glass lid, .

SotAA - 20 Acrylic - 11-2010

Short update on the state of the 20 gallon acrylic Aquarium in the weeks following Hurricane Sandy.

ocean fish aquatic birchaquarium
Birch Aquarium Giant Kelp Tank
The large piece of acrylic, 12 feet high 20 feet wide 10 inches thick 10 tons, holding 280 tons of seawater (70,000 gallons)
Photo by kaoticsnow on Flickr


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